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What are the Benefits of an Employee Communication App?

Employee communication apps aren’t just beneficial for internal communications. They also provide value for HR and IT teams as well, increasing productivity, driving engagement, and improving the employee experience across the organization.
The benefits of employee communication apps include:

1. More effective communications & reach

Employee communication apps create a single, centralized channel for communications that ensures every employee can be reached in real time with the information they need. ECAs elevate communications outside of email, helping employees know what needs their attention. They also create a digital channel for information typically shared via physical signage in an office or passed down from managers.

2. Better employee engagement

Employee communication apps deliver communications across employees’ preferred channels, increasing engagement by helping employees better manage their attention. Thoughtful use of social tools drives engagement even further, encouraging employee to provide feedback through “likes” and comments.

3. Improved decision making

Employee communication apps make it easier for employees to find the information they need, which, in turn, helps them make better decisions faster, leading to better business outcomes.

4. Effective promotion of company culture

Employee communication apps enable organizations to promote and shape their corporate culture by displaying greater transparency on important corporate initiatives, such as diversity & inclusion, merger news, etc.

5. Enhanced customer experience

Employee communication apps provide employees with the tools and information they need to better service customers, which leads to increases in customer satisfaction and better business results.

6. Insights into the efficacy of employee communications

Unlike other modes of communications, employee communication apps provide insights into the effectiveness of communications campaigns, delivering analytics on how, when, and by whom communications are seen.

7. Increased use of the intranet

Employee communication apps provide employees who lack desktop access to the intranet – frontline workers, field sales representatives, etc. - full use of the same features and functionality their desk-based colleagues enjoy.

8. Simplified business processes

Employee communication apps streamline complex business processes by integrating with enterprise applications to aggregate tasks and information across the business. This enables employees to manage their tasks and workflows from a central location for a simplified work experience.

9. Mobile self-service capabilities

Employee communication apps provide easy-to-use mobile functionality for enterprise applications, centralizing access to the important tasks and information employees need so they can work effectively wherever and whenever its convenient for them.


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