How Can HR Use a Company Intranet?

How Can HR Use a Company Intranet?

The intranet is a powerful tool in the HR professional's arsenal. It has a significant impact on a number of key goals HR leaders are perpetually seeking to achieve:

Increasing engagement with HR tools and systems

There are countless HR systems employees need to access through the course of their employee journey. But continuously logging in and out of disparate systems drags down productivity and hurts the employee experience. A company intranet that uses integrations to provide centralized. Seamless access to these systems can eliminate those struggles. By enabling employees to easily access the information they need (payslip data, time off balances, etc.) and also making it possible for employees to complete routine HR tasks (update address info, make benefits changes, etc.), HR can maximize their investments in existing technology while also delivering the modern digital experience employees need.

Streamlining onboarding

Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% - yet 88% of organizations don't onboard well (Source: SaplingHR)

A seamless onboarding experience is key to getting employees started on the right foot. A company intranet with modern features and functionality can centralize the onboarding process, bringing together all the tasks and information employees need to be effective in their roles quickly.

Improving employee efficiency

In today’s work environment, employees are completing tasks and requesting information when it’s convenient for them, an on-demand expectation that can be challenging – if not impossible – for HR to meet. But a company intranet that makes use of an intelligent, natural language chatbot not only addresses those requests in real-time, it frees HR staff up to work on ore strategic initiatives. A chatbot on the intranet can enable employees to submit tickets for HR services and can also provide personalized answers to common HR questions.

The company intranet can help HR leaders streamline processes, improving the employee experience and freeing them up to focus on more strategic work.

To see the benefits of a modern intranet in action, check out this brief on-demand demo.

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