What Are the Benefits of Guided Attention Technology?

What are the benefits of guided attention technology? 

By targeting the causes of digital friction - which reduces the productivity of organizations by 50% - guided attention technology offers significant benefits to both employees and the business: 

Employee benefits of guided attention technology 

  • Reduced stress and frustration as employees enjoy a simplified, streamlined experience with enterprise technology 

  • Less information overload as important tasks and information are delivered when they’re needed in the channels employees work in the most 

  • More time to focus on fulfilling work, with fewer unnecessary tasks and distractions that waste time 

  • Positive employee experience that fosters a sense of connection with the organization 

Business benefits of guided attention technology 

  • Increased engagement as a result or more targeted, personalized communications 

  • Maximized investment in existing technology, with better user experiences crated for existing systems 

  • Consistent employee experience during back-end tech changes with an experience layer that insulates employees from interacting directly with back-end technology 

  • Higher-quality work because employees are less distracted and have more time and focus for tasks  

  • Better decision making as a result of higher-quality work 

  • Higher employee retention rates and a competitive hiring advantage from delivering a superior employee experience