Who Uses the Company Intranet?

Who Uses the Company Intranet?

On a basic level, employees of all types use the company intranet to stay connected with their organization and to find information. But specific departments also find the intranet useful in helping them meet their owl goals and objectives, especially if the intranet provides the features and functionality of a modern digital experience: 

  • HR departments can use the intranet as a platform to share targeted information about health and wellness programs, news about trainings and benefit registration deadlines etc. 

  • Internal communications teams can use the company intranet to send proactive notifications about organizational updates and other corporate news and information.

  • IT can use the intranet as a resource for keeping employees informed about security updates, delivering details about service outages and more.

Company intranets can be used by all employees across an organization to find the resources and information they need to work effectively.

To see the benefits of a modern intranet in action, check out this brief on-demand demo.

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