Say Hello to Your Intelligent Assistant

The robots are coming

A tech disruption is undoubtedly on the horizon with the rise of digital assistants, virtual assistants, and chatbots. As these technologies advance and become interwoven into our everyday lives as consumers, the gap between the tools we use outside of work and at work is expanding rapidly, inhibiting employee engagement. Today's employees are suffering from information overload and wasted hours trying to manage, find, and keep up with their work across multiple applications, systems, and interfaces.

Enterprises that want to stay competitive will need to start planning ahead for the new opportunities chatbots and artificial intelligence can bring to the workplace. The good news is Workgrid Software can help!

Say hello to the Workgrid Assistant

Imagine that you had your own personal digital assistant that could orchestrate across all your systems and tell you what you needed to know, when you needed to know it, and what you needed to do. Introducing, the Workgrid Assistant.

The Workgrid Assistant is a digital assistant built to intelligently simplify the work day by integrating with all the common systems and tools used in the workplace telling them what they need to know, when they need to know it, so they can get more done, faster. The platform creates a unified experience for all the disparate systems, data, and content across the enterprise, removing the need for employees to log into multiple applications and systems and significantly improving the employee experience.It brings everything from approvals, notifications, personalized data, and knowledge-base to a connected modern user experience elevated to meet the expectations employees have come to expect as consumers.

The Workgrid Assistant streamlines data and information to employees with:

  • Smart Notifications
    Organize the information employees need to know from multiple systems and remove alerts, communications, and other notifications outside of email into a single location for employees to manage.

  • To Do's
    Aggregate tasks and approvals from across multiple systems, whether it's a company-level task from HR (e.g., benefit enrollment reminders), a team-level task (e.g.,time sheet submissions), or an individual-level task like a due date. Employees can also add their own tasks alongside their team and company tasks.

  • App Cards
    Highlight important, personalized information to employees, from time-off balances, payroll information, sales targets, reporting, team information, and more -- the possibilities are endless.

  • Chatbot
    Provide employees with an around the clock assistant to answer questions, perform tasks, and intelligently suggest information based on their task at hand. The Workgrid Chatbot can anticipate users' needs and ask simple questions to help accomplish a task before the employee has to worry about it. For example, the chatbot could anticipate that an employee may need access to another building based on their calendar. By proactively asking the employee if they would like the chatbot to request access to the building, the employee could simply respond "yes" or "no" and have the request taken care of without having to login into the native system that would normally handle the request.

Not only can the Workgrid Assistant make sense of and organize all the information you need to know from multiple disparate systems, but it can also orchestrate commands from users such as "clear my calendar tomorrow," which would instruct the Workgrid Assistant to let the appropriate team in Slack know that you are taking tomorrow off, update your calendar with an "out of the office" message, and schedule the time off in your HR system.

An Intelligent Workplace Platform

The Workgrid Assistant is delivered as an application that can be easily integrated as a layer on top of an existing business applications or intranet (think modern toolbar), as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android, providing employees with quick access to information wherever they are, from any device. The Workgrid Platform is completely customizable, allowing enterprises to design the interface, connect homegrown and third-party applications, and leverage SDKs and APIs to build custom experiences that help simplify the work day and improve the employee experience.

90% of data that exist was created in the last 2 years

According to a report conducted by IBM Marketing Cloud, 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone, and 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data is being created each day. This enormous amount of data is overwhelming employees, resulting in wasted hours spent searching for information and conducting mundane tasks across multiple systems. Now more than ever is the time for enterprises to start thinking about how they can leverage technologies like artificial intelligence to start improving the employee experience, providing an environment for employees that is more in line with the consumer-like experiences they are used to outside of work, to work smarter, more efficiently, and more productively.

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