Workgrid Named A Top "Virtual Assistant Solution Provider" by CIO Applications

We're excited to announce that CIO Applications has named Workgrid Software one of the Top 10 Virtual Assistant Solutions Providers for 2018. This accolade is based on an evaluation of companies who are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge virtual assistant solutions and are transforming businesses.

The top 10 solution provider list is selected by distinguished panel of CIO, CEOs, CTO, and industry analyst.

So what is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an application program that can understand natural language commands using a conversational interface such as voice or text to answer questions or complete task for a user.

Virtual Assistants in the Enterprise

In the enterprises, a virtual assistant serves as an employee's digital personal concierge and digital butler making helpful recommendations as well as carrying out a range of tasks, from scheduling appointments to submitting IT help desk tickets.

Virtual assistants will redefine how employees interact with software across the enterprise as employees will no longer have to understand or know what back-end system(s) is required to complete tasks. By using a conversational interface via text or voice, they will instead use a natural conversation to find information and get work done.

At Workgrid, the goal of our virtual assistant (known as the Workgrid Assistant) is to help simplify the work day for employees and improve the overall employee experience. As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to advance, we look forward to helping enterprises implement virtual assistants that can interpret even more complex request to transform how their employees get work done.

Check out the recent interview CIO website conducted on how Workgrid is driving employee productivity through machine intelligence on the CIO website.