Workgrid Wins Gartner Eye on Innovation Award

Last week, Workgrid had the exciting opportunity to get on stage at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo and showcase to a panelist of analyst how Liberty Mutual built an employee digital assistant and launched it externally to other enterprises as Workgrid Software.
We're excited to announce that the Workgrid Assistant case study won Liberty Mutual the Gartner Eye on Innovation Award!

The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is a premier technology leadership conference, where thousands of IT leaders gathered together to learn the biggest emerging trends shaping IT and business.The event was filled with inspiring content from industry experts and analysts diving into the upcoming challenges for CIOs and C-level leaders alike that will reshape today's business models.

Didn't make the event? Check out some of the key takeaways, interesting trends, and insights the Workgrid team experienced during the event.

Culture vs. Technology

Today's top IT leaders understand that if they are not prioritizing tech innovation then they are at risk of getting left behind and that's exactly what Daryl Plummer, managing vice president, chief of research and chief Gartner Fellow advised during the event, telling attendees that if they don't start preparing they will be pushed aside.The top technology trends identified by Gartner for 2019 included Autonomous Things, Augmented Analytics, AI-Driven Development, Digital Twins, Empowered Edge, Immersive Experience, Blockchain, Smart Spaces, Digital Ethics and Privacy, and Quantum Computing.

But new disruptive technologies wasn't the only topic emphasized as a driver for change during the event. There was also a large focus on culture being a key to organizational success and the importance of having strong leadership to lead a culture change.

In fact, Gartner highlighted the biggest threat to innovation is culture and internal politics, data that came from a Gartner Financial Services Innovation Survey stating "the biggest threat to innovation is internal politics and an organizational culture which doesn't accept failure, doesn't accept ideas from outside, and/or cannot change."

Legendary quarterback, Peyton Manning who was featured as a keynote speaker shared insightful tips on leadership from his own personal experience as a professional athlete. His words of wisdom included:

"Leadership is not a title. CTO, CIO, Quarterback does not mean anything if you can't influence your team. Leadership must be something you earn."

Cultivating a culture that enables change will be the biggest barrier to digital transformation and according to Graham Waller, research vice president at Gartner, the way to cultivate culture and change internal mindsets is that CIOs need to become "cultural hackers".

Now normally when "organizational change" is spoken of, "hard" and "resistance" is what comes to mind for many, but according to Kristin Moyer, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, she assured IT leaders that transforming culture doesn't have to be difficult and shared 10 culture hacks.

She also advise CIOs that by 2021, CIOs will be just as responsible for culture as Chief Human Resource Officers.

It's clear that culture will need to become a top priority for any business that wants to thrive, with CIOs leading the change.

Slow Adoption for AI

Artificial intelligence(AI) was one of the 16 core topics at the 2018 Gartner Symposium with over 50 sessions dedicated to AI. Although the business benefits that AI delivers are clear, there has been a very slow adoption of AI to date, in fact a study showed only 4% of CIOs worldwide report having AI projects in production.

So what is holding organizations back on AI? The majority of challenges discussed at the event were around the fear of unknown- that is understanding what AI is, how to measure the value of AI, security and privacy concerns, and where to start from both a strategy point of view and defining use cases.

We advise organizations to start small, find a few uses cases that will drive value for employees solving for real problems that exist today. You also want to ensure to deliver incrementally and capture feedback, every step of the way. While focusing on a few quick wins a more holistic strategy should be built for how AI will impact the business.

Workgrid Assistant Recognized by Eye on Innovation Award

The most exciting part of the event for the Workgrid team was participating and competing for the Gartner 2018 Eye on Innovation Award. The award recognizes innovative use of digital technology-enabled capabilities, products or services to highlight "best-in-class" financial industry initiatives launched within the past 12 months and to offer insight about developments in digital innovation.

Our Head of Product, Troy Campano, presented on behalf of the digital assistant team at Liberty Mutual Insurance where Troy was given three minutes to showcase to a panelist of Gartner analyst how Liberty Mutual built an intelligent employee digital assistant and launched it externally to other enterprises as Workgrid Software.

Next through a live vote, the attendees were asked to choose the case study they liked most. We were thrilled to see that 85% of the audience choose the Workgrid case study awarding Liberty Mutual as a winner of the Eye on Innovation Award in the following category "innovative business models that allow financial services providers to develop new strategic value-creation or profit models".

The audience then participated in a final live vote to choose a winning finalist among each category to earn the "Digital Champion of Americas" title. The vote was between Liberty Mutual, BMO Bank of Montreal, and Allstate with BMO taking the lead as the regional winner by just 2%, congrats to both BMO and Allstate!

We are thrilled to receive this recognition from Gartner and the vote from our peers! We are proud of how far the team has been able to take the digital assistant initiative and this award will certainly help further inspire our team to develop new, innovative ideas for other enterprises around the globe.

Overall the Gartner Symposium ITxpo was a fantastic event! The Workgrid team enjoyed meeting with IT leaders in diverse fields learning how they plan to leverage technologies like AI in the workplace and their strategic approach to keeping up with today's rapidly changing digital environment. Looking forward to next year!