Celebrating Back to Back Success in Northern Ireland

In partnership with Liberty IT, Workgrid is excited to share that we've been shortlisted for three awards this month for our use of immersive tech and digital innovation.

The Workgrid Assistant has been shorted listed for:

  • Best Use of Immersive Tech, DANI Awards

  • Best Digital Transformation Project, DANI Awards

  • Digital Project of the Year, Digital DNA Awards

DANI Awards

The DANI Awards are regarded as the premier celebration of digital innovation throughout Northern Ireland and have been celebrating the expertise, talent, and achievements of the digital, tech and creative industry since 2010. We're thrilled to have been shortlisted for not one but two DANI awards, the Best Use of Immersive Tech and the Best Digital Transformation Project.

Digital DNA Awards

The Digital DNA Awards recognizes teams within Northern Ireland that are building highly innovative projects and excelling in the world of digital tech. The awards aim to showcase the best innovations, talents and projects and shine a spotlight on the most creative and talented individuals and business at the heart of the technology sector. Workgrid is shortlisted for the Digital Project of the Year for the launch of the Workgrid Assistant.

Improving Employee Experience Through Innovation

The back to back success is a testament to Workgrid's mission to enable human potential by building software that people love. These accolades highlight Workgrid's global digital innovation in employee experience - at a time when employee engagement is increasingly seen as critical to an organization's success.

Leveraging automation and immersive technology (AI, machine learning, NLP, etc), Workgrid delivers solutions that are entirely focused on enhancing the employee experience and empowering organizations to maximize the potential of their people. The Workgrid Assistant enables the automation of menial tasks that results in employees not having to search for information or spend time on items that are not value add to their jobs.

The way we work is evolving and the workforce is evolving with it. To stay relevant and remain competitive, every company regardless of their size must become faster, more agile and increasingly open to leveraging innovation and new ways of working. 5-10 years from now every company will use machine learning and artificial intelligence; there likely won't be a company that exist where machine learning and AI aren't being used and adding real value inside the organization.

Where it all Began

Workgrid Software which began as an internal project at Liberty IT, was recognized as having potential in the external market due to its innovative use of technology to address issues such as employee engagement and automation in the workplace. The Workgrid team has grown to 40 employees based in both Belfast and the US, and the team are delighted to be nominated for these awards in the city where it all began.

Liberty IT strives to attract the best talent for its Belfast and Dublin sites and these awards showcase their commitment to foster a culture of innovation.

We are looking forward to seeing our local Belfast colleagues enjoy a well-earned celebratory evening at both award ceremonies coming up later this month.