Planning for Your Digital Employee Experience

Fall doesn’t start for another month and a half, yet school supplies have been overflowing store shelves since the 4th of July and bathing suits are now dusty relics haunting the clearance racks. Even worse? According to the flood of photos on Instagram, kids have begun to go back to school -- it’s the universal signal that summer fun is over.

While we’re all reluctant to hang up our beach towels and let the air out of our pool floats, the news doesn’t have to be all bad.

This is actually the perfect time of the year to really get focused -- to make the preparations necessary to hit the ground running in the coming new year (let’s be honest, once school starts it’s the fast track to January 1).

This quote by John C. Maxwell provides great inspiration…

“If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.”

As you think about your planning for the coming year, how will employee experience factor in? Will you be proactive and prepare to deliver a digital employee experience that eliminates frustration and increases productivity – or will you let well enough alone and hope that you don’t get backed into a corner of dealing with employee retention issues?

The facts on employee experience are pretty clear:

Getting the employee experience right will be critical to the success of your organization in 2020, because let’s face it – happy employees = happy customers. I know, it’s easier said than done. Compared to everything else on your to-do list it seems like an easy item to keep putting off, but it simply can’t be ignored any more.

Make this the year you take a proactive stance and create an employee experience that will fuel the success of your organization. Here are a few great articles to get you started:

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