Workgrid May Product Update

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few weeks and months, it’s that enabling employees to function as effectively as possible is a process of continuous improvement - an ongoing cycle of identifying opportunities to optimize processes and workflows, crafting a plan to implement improvements, executing on the plan, then conducting an assessment to see what worked so the process can start all over again.

That’s been our focus at Workgrid, giving organizations the insights they need to keep making improvements to their employee experience, while providing even more tools to streamline and simplify the work day. To accomplish that, here’s what’s available in the May product release, as well as a sneak peak of functionality that will be available soon …

Available Now

Space Analytics Dashboard

Workgrid’s Space Analytics dashboard will give administrators a comprehensive overview of system usage and adoption, providing consolidated insights into how the Workgrid platform is being used. Features of the dashboard include preset and custom date ranges, trend indicators and key activity, and usage metrics across core Workgrid functionality.

Member and Usage Activity
Track activity across all Workgrid delivery channels (intranet toolbar, mobile app, and desktop app) to understand unique member and total activity metrics over time. Break down analytics usage by device and operating system to see which your employees interact and engage with most.

Publisher and Survey
Learn how many notifications and surveys are sent, how many are uniquely viewed, and how employees engage with them, in aggregate.

Provides administrators with a high-level overview of chatbot usage, the total number of chat sessions, total messages sent, and unique users. Further chatbot analytics are available outside the dashboard that allow chatbot admins and content authors to drill down into what questions are being asked and answered, and key analytics to help optimize conversations.

Coming Soon

(If you're an existing customer, ask to become a beta tester to test drive the coming soon features)

Tasks & Workflows

Together, Workgrid’s new Workflows and Tasks functionalities give employees a single place to capture and manage all of their to dos – including personal tasks, group projects, manager tasks, and corporate tasks – making it easier than ever to stay organized and productive.

Tasks and Workflows also make it easier for admins to streamline and personalize frequent events and processes, like onboarding, performance management, annual benefits reviews, and security and compliance trainings.


Employees can better plan for their day and what’s upcoming with an easy-to-use planner that enables them to organize tasks in lists and easily reorder them by dragging and dropping. Tasks can be assigned a due date and/or priority level, so it’s easy to see what needs to be accomplished first. The ability to add notes makes it easy and convenient to include all the relevant details about a task in a single location. Employees can also choose how they want their tasks displayed, either in a list or by due date, so they’re in context with all other priorities.


Workflows in Workgrid take productivity and personalization to a whole new level for both managers and employees. Workflow admins can create custom workflows using audience targeting functionality, which means employees can get custom action plans designed specifically for them. Admins can opt to give managers visibility into their employees’ progress, so they can have insight and offer help when someone is struggling.

Workflow admin experience within Workgrid Console - Setting up a new Workflow

Workflow admin experience within Workgrid Console - Configuring and targeting task to specific user groups.

Automated task delivery and scheduled task reminders keep projects on track, enabling tasks to be sent on a scheduled date or when new users are added to the system (additional event triggers are coming soon). Plus, a complete view of existing workflows makes it easy for admins to update workflows at any time.

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