Workgrid September Product Update

Our September product updates are focused on enhancing surveys, the Workgrid user interface (UI), and other changes to keep Workgrid aligned with customer needs and expectations. We know that as organizations are strategizing and implementing tactics for the return to work or a prolonged remote work environment for its employees, enhancements to the digital workplace and the tools used to simplify the work day are essential.

Survey Updates

Pulse surveys are a quick and easy way to receive feedback from employees on any number of topics. They can be especially useful during this return-to-work timeframe as organizations aim to support employees going back into physical offices and those staying remote. From the Workgrid console, which has a new modern display, admins can now view survey results inclusive of employee comments. Previously, comments could only be viewed by exporting the survey results. PDF and excel exports are still available for your various reporting needs.

UI Enhancements

We know that UI is inextricably linked to user experience. And Workgrid aims to make digital experiences simpler for employees AND administrators. As such, our September updates include some theme changes to improve UI.

Did you know that rounded button corners make processing information easier?* That's why you'll see rounded buttons when you hover over them as part of recent theme updates.

You'll also see that the base (default) theme colors have been updated to provide better contrast. But there are still theme elements you can customize to make Workgrid more aligned to your brand - that hasn't changed! Customers continue to control font families and navigation icons, and can customize their own UI color scheme to align with their brand.

We will keep you apprised of additional theme updates as they roll out over the coming months.

App Catalog Update

Time Planner is now available in the Workgrid app catalog. Time Planner allows employees to plan, schedule, and share events between groups of employees. It's an easy way to share out-of-the office events, such as planned time off, trainings, travel dates, etc. Employees can even create custom groups and share their availability with just that group without having to view a shared calendar. Time Planner also makes it especially easy to view calendars remotely, which typically isn't a great experience.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Publisher has had several updates to note:

  • New functionality allows you to add attachments to cards, as well as the ability to drag and drop those attachments. This means you can control the order in which your attachments appear.

  • USE CASE IDEA! Send employees invitations to events or webinars and attach a calendar invite.

  • Notification card sort order functionality is available across all platforms. This means users can choose to display cards by date or the recommended algorithm.

  • Plus...

  • The experience of creating notification sources has been improved.

  • Special characters, such as slashes, can now be handled.

Review a complete overview of miscellaneous enhancements in our Release Notes.

*Why Rounded Corners Are Easier on the Eyes. UX Movement.