Workgrid October Product Update

If there was a theme to our October updates, it would be refinement. Our ongoing performance, stability, and interface enhancements deliver improved admin and user experiences. There is no question that small changes add up - and we believe in iterating to deliver the most efficient and intuitive experiences for employees.

Console Updates

Login hours have been extended from one to eight, meaning admins will only have to log into the console once a day, so long as the browser remains open.

Publisher & Survey Updates

Administrators who batch upload users via CSV files can now easily and reliably upload tens of thousands of users - enough for most companies' full set of employees. Admins will no longer see the system time out after only a small number of users has uploaded.

The rich text editor now supports numbered lists, not just bulleted lists. Admins no longer need to enter numbers manually.

Likert scales in Survey now have larger radio buttons, making it easier for respondents to select their answers. Admins will also see that dashboard results for large response groups (up to 99,999 users) are displayed more clearly.

App Updates

A search bar has been installed in the App Catalog. Admins can now quickly find their installed apps with this convenient tool bar located on the "Installed Apps" page.

Chatbot admins and content authors can see logs relevant to the Q&As from the Chatbot Q&A Builder menu. Contextual audit logs provide better visibility into maintenance activities.