Workgrid November Product Update

November's product update is brief, as we've been preparing for an exciting product launch next month. Stay tuned!

Chatbot Update

Testing your chatbot is an important piece of ensuring your bot is optimized. To help admins better track performance, a new Test Your Chatbot filter has been added. Now chatbot admins can filter results based on conversation type and/or Q&A category to quickly discover and troubleshoot intent mismatches. This streamlines testing your bot. How? Imagine you're an HR or IT knowledge manager. You can quickly assess HR- or IT-specific Q&A rather than sorting through every Q&A.

Workgrid's Test Your Chatbot functionality provides an easy-to-use interface with intuitive reporting that helps admins understand how their bots perform. It also enables admins to view where their bots were unable to answer questions - so it can be continually updated.

To view Test Your Chatbot results:

  • Click on conversation type: Q&A or Catalog App

  • Filter by category (HR, technology, etc.) by directly selecting the individual bar graphs

Test results will display the test question (utterance), actual test answers, and expected answers.

New to Workgrid's Chatbot? Read more about it here.

Console Update

Workgrid now enables the syncing of manager information when using SCIM provisioning with Microsoft AzureAD. Manager hierarchical information is now automatically provisioned which enables content authors and admins to target Publisher notifications, surveys, and apps directly to managers.

Example of targeting a Publisher notification to managers.

Example notification sent to managers using the "manager" targetable attribute.

To learn more about using SCIM for automating the provisioning of user data with Workgrid, visit the Workgrid Support Center.