Workgrid Launches Workflows

Automate & streamline task-based processes with Workflows in Workgrid

Common, recurring processes like onboarding, performance reviews, approvals, and training are the foundation of your business. They keep things moving forward. Keep the organization on track. But if you’re like most companies, they could also be impeding efforts to improve the employee experience

For one thing, these types of processes are incredibly time consuming to administer. Business leaders lose countless hours coordinating with different departments to put together all the steps involved in a single, routine business process. The experience of the employees who have to complete those processes is even worse. With no centralized location for them to engage with routine procedures, they have to manually toggle between the various systems they need (all of which offer a different UX), trying to make sense of a mish mash of different paper-based and digital processes. It’s fragmented to say the least and a constant drain on productivity.

Workflows in Workgrid can change all of that. By expanding on recently released task functionality, Workflows enables the auto-delivery of task lists to simplify the routine processes your business relies on.

Workflows makes it easier to streamline the mission-critical processes that keep your business running, such as:

  • Onboarding

  • Offboarding and retirement

  • Return-to-office

  • Daily in-office health verification

  • Objectives and goal setting

  • Performance reviews

  • Training and continuing education

  • Security and compliance check points

The features and benefits of Workflows are designed to eliminate the frustrations typically associated with routine, multi-step processes. This gives organizations more time to spend on tasks that drive value for the business.

Let’s take a look at how Workflows can transform your foundational business procedures…

Streamline routine, task-based processes

The power of Workflows starts with the ability to send task lists to employees automatically, based on a specific date, date-based trigger, or when new users are added to Workgrid – without the help of IT! This eliminates the need to manually administer multi-step, task-based processes such as offboarding, daily health verifications, performance reviews, and more.

Deliver tasks to the right person at the right time

Just because a process like onboarding is required, doesn’t mean it’s standard for every employee. So give your workers a tailored experience using customizable workflows that deliver personalized tasks based on attributes like persona, business unit, location, job level, and more. Tasks can also be delivered sequentially at pre-determined points throughout the entire journey of a process, so procedures like on or offboarding that may take weeks or even months to complete can take place smoothly and in the appropriate timeframe.

Enable seamless, cross-departmental collaboration

Many routine business processes like security and compliance checkpoints are difficult to manage and even harder to complete because they’re manual and decentralized, with different departments controlling their portion of the process in different ways (paper vs. digital, using different systems, etc.). With Workflows, every department involved in a process can easily collaborate to automate all the tasks involved, making it simple to administer and even easier to complete.

Stay on track with real-time visibility

Having real-time visibility into employees’ progress on tasks makes it easy for managers to keep their teams on track, completing required processes quickly and easily. Workflows gives managers visibility into some or all tasks assigned to employees and makes it easy for managers to quickly see overdue tasks, add comments, and provide feedback. This functionality helps guide employees and ensure tasks get completed on schedule.

Plus, workflow management made easy with an intelligent, modern interface

Workflows offers a clean, intuitive interface with drag and drop functionality, so it’s fast and easy for users to create and manage workflows, without any knowledge of coding. The experience is even better for users, with all tasks located in Workgrid alongside everything else they need to know and do.

Workflow functionality is now available via Workgrid's web toolbar, mobile app, and desktop application. To see it in action, request a demo!