Workgrid Becomes DWG Institute Partner

Filling the Need for Ongoing Digital Workplace Education

The realm of employee experience and the digital workplace has been in a constant state of growth and change for more than a decade. The evolution of the space has been exciting to watch, but it’s also been challenging to keep up with all the changing technology needs, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Thankfully, having access to reliable, practical guidance and advice has made it possible for organizations, tech providers and practitioners to work together to improve and reimagine the way we work, both today and in the future.

DWG Institute Partner Program

In the spirit of this need for ongoing education and collaboration, Workgrid is proud to announce that we have been selected as the Digital Workplace Group’s inaugural DWG Institute Partner. This is an exclusive honor, given DWG’s diligence in only engaging in trusted relationships, and we look forward to the benefits our partnership will yield for DWG members and customers alike.

We are excited about this partnership for several reasons. For one, it gives us the opportunity to participate in an ongoing, open dialogue with DWG members and their wider practitioner audience as they help us to understand the needs of today's leading organizations. We are also looking forward to leveraging DWG's extensive knowledge and history within the digital workplace. This will enable us to continue to deliver award-winning digital workplace solutions that provide the features and functionalities organizations need for long-term business success.

Advantages of the DWG Institute

DWG is a strategic advisor helping clients advance their intranets and broader digital workplaces through peer learning, independent evaluations and practitioner expertise. As such, the organization deals with a wide variety of questions, such as:

  • Which are the best technology providers for intranets, frontline communications, digital HR, etc.

  • What are technology options really like to use in practice?

  • How do we ensure we make the right technology decisions?

There are more than 900 digital workplace professionals to engage with
In the DWG member community.

In order to provide the best responses to those inquiries, DWG has launched the DWG Institute, a safe space where organizations using enterprise technology can collaborate, investigate and learn with a diverse range of workplace technology providers. Anchored by DWG’s 17-year history as the world’s most authoritative and practical digital workplace research, the goal of the Institute is to bring together the knowledge, expertise and services of technology providers into a forum that providers value for DWG members.

As the founding partner for the DWG Institute, Workgrid’s goal is to serve as a trusted resource that practitioners can rely on for guidance related to improving the employee experience, simplifying the work day and creating a digital workplace that delivers long-term business value.

Benefits of the DWG Institute Partner Program

The benefits of this partnership for DWG members is significant. It offers members the ability to:

  • Amplify their voices as a practitioner by collectively representing their needs to technology vendors

  • Engage users and providers in frank and honest dialogue to build trust and understanding.

  • Increase early awareness of trends and enhancements in the digital workplace technology marketplace

  • Offer education through in-depth research on important technology topics

  • Kickstart a “Trip Advisor” style set of tangible insights into the actual use of specific technology provider

  • Guide members through the technology selection process with a directory of DWG Institute Partners

You can learn more about Workgrid and the digital workplace platform we offer in this brief video: