Workgrid March 2021 Product Update

They say small change can make a big difference, and we think this is true. And while a new product or feature is exciting, so are the small iterations that help you save time and streamline your day. This month we have several small updates that we think will make a big difference for users.

Workflow Enhancements

Admins and users will find new functionality that saves them time and simplifies their work.

Clone existing workflows with ease. From the Workflows Menu, click on the kebab menu of a specific workflow's status and select 'clone'.

A scheduler enhancement for manual triggers lets users key in a time to send a workflow. This change makes it easier and more intuitive to schedule a workflow, but users can also continue using the selector if they prefer.

When users receive a notification for a new list or assigned task, they also receive information about where to find that list or task.

UX Improvements & Personalization

Several updates within the console improve user experience and allow for more self-service personalization.

Users working with Publisher and Survey will see that the flow for creating summary and detail cards has been simplified. Both are now created on the same screen.

Multiple language support is now available for static text. Static text includes dates, all labels, such as 'To Know', and messages, like "Loading your events." Users can select from 13 languages in the settings menu.

App Updates

Users searching for colleagues in People Search must enter at least three characters before results are displayed - and entering more helps narrow the search. Users looking for manager information in the 'Organization' hierarchy drop down will see one level up.