Workgrid April 2021 Product Updates

This month we have an exciting update on our ServiceNow integration to share. We think there's a pun in there somewhere about it being an inte-great-tion, but it clearly needs work. Read more about it and the updates to Publisher, Survey, and Workflows happening this month.

Integration Updates

Workgrid integrates with ServiceNow to support service catalog request approvals. Our enhancement this month enables item-level approvals, along with multi-approvers and delegate approvers. Previously, item level approvals were not possible, and requests could only to go one individual.

Requests are automatically delivered as Smart Notifications within Workgrid to the approvers and submitters, thereby allowing users to track and update their requests without needing to log into the ServiceNow application.

Publisher & Survey

Publisher and Survey admins now have access to notification sources. This new access allows them to edit and customize the source of their specific notifications, which could include department names, posts on behalf of someone else, and so on. Previously, only space admins had access to notification sources.

Workflows, Apps & Chatbot

Audience targeting has been expanded in Workflows, Apps, and Chatbot Q&A to now include individuals - like admins find in Publisher and Survey. When users click the dropdown for Audience Targeting, they can choose "individual" and identify that individual by name, email address, or employee number - or even target multiple individuals easily by adding new targeting rules. This enhanced functionality enables small-scale testing and micro-targeting.

Users can now schedule their workflows and see their current status right from the builder. After a trigger and action are added, users will see "Publish" and "Save Draft" buttons.