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Getting on the Fast-track to a Modern Intranet

As people begin slowly filtering back into offices and organizations test out hybrid work models to see what works for employees as well as the business, the way of work is changing yet again. The intranet will play an integral part in this transition, keeping workers engaged and effectively communicating all the changes that are taking place.

To help you build a modern intranet that delivers the intelligent experiences employees expect and need, we’ve compiled some best-practice resources you may find useful. No sense making things harder for yourself if you don’t have to!

The Latest from Workgrid

Blog: 3 Common Intranet Integration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Intranet projects are a massive undertaking, with lots of places where things can get off track. This blog provides Insights into how to get the most value out of integrations on the intranet, particularly by avoiding the most common mistakes organizations make when trying to implement them.

Blog: Fast Tracking the Maturity of Your Internal Communications

Internal communications professionals face a daunting task – making sure employees have easy access to the information they need to work effectively. But there are a lot of questions surrounding the role the intranet should play in modernizing internal comms. This blog answers those questions and more.

Infographic: 3 Key Elements of a Successful Intranet

Intranets come in all shapes and sizes, but some are more effective than others at simplifying the work day for employees. To help you build a modern, intelligent intranet experience, here’s an easy-to-understand infographic that details the three components every intranet must have to be successful.

What We're Interested in Lately

Here's what caught our eye in the world of employee experience and the digital workplace lately...

From Gartner

Modern Intranet Top Practices

This research report from Gartner provides the guidance you need to build a modern intranet that successfully advances your digital workplace initiatives. It includes key findings on topics such as governance and deployments models, along with recommendations that ensure your next generation intranet will be a success. 

From KM World

How to Modernize Your Traditional Intranet

Insights from SharePoint specialist Susan Hanley on the differences between legacy and modern intranets and the impact on the digital workplace.

From CMS Connect

6 Tactics to Modernize Your Intranet

Looking to modernize your intranet? Here are six tactics to consider before you undergo a costly, time-consuming replacement project.

[Watch] Guide to Creating an Effective Digital Workplace

Workgrid’s Rob Ryan shares the critical difference between employee engagement and employee experience, and the emerging trends that will drive digital workplace success in 2021 and beyond.