Workgrid August 2021 Product Updates

We’re reaching the apex of summer, which is hard to believe. The team at Workgrid has been busy laying the groundwork for exciting developments coming this fall. Below you’ll find the most recent updates aimed at improving the experience of Workgrid admins and users.

Publisher & Survey Enhancements

Global Language – organizations using Workgrid are now able to support their employees in multiple languages with ease. Creators of publisher and survey notifications can do so in multiple languages, making the experience even more tailored and personalized for employees.

In the console, notification authors have the option to ‘add translation’ to create notifications in available languages - and add the different translations within the same screen. There is no need to create individual cards for multiple notifications!

End users can select their preferred language in settings, empowering them with choice and ensuring their notifications meet their own specific wants or needs. The default language is English and other languages available are Chinese (simplified), French (France), French (Canada), Hindi, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, and German.

Notification Drafts – content authors can now save survey and publisher notifications as drafts. In addition to notifications auto-saving as they are created, the author will also have the option to select ‘save a draft’ should they cancel or close the notification while it’s being created.

This functionality will be useful for gathering more information when needed, if there are multiple contributors to a notification, or if global language translations are being implemented.