January 2022 | The Grid – Workgrid’s Newsletter for the Digital Workplace

Starting the New Year Off Right

As the trend of rapid digital transformation continues and hybrid work becomes a reality, success will come down to the details. Are existing technologies being used to their fullest capacity? Are the right strategic improvements being made to accomplish digital workplace goals? Is new technology being leveraged to drive innovation and achieve competitive advantage?

Here at Workgrid, we've been making product enhancements to help position our customers for success. You can read all about those announcements below, along with additional guidance to help set your organization up for success this year.

Happy New Year!

The Latest from Workgrid

[Blog] Workgrid adds UKG, Zendesk, Jira, and ServiceNow to App Catalog

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce digital friction and improve attention management, Workgrid has added new integrations to our app catalog. Learn more about how these integrations streamline the workday day by abstracting information and tasks from enterprise systems into a centralized location.

[Blog] Simplify the Digital Workplace: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The long-term success of hybrid work will depend on how well organizations help employees work smarter and not harder, specifically by reducing digital friction and helping them better manage their attention. Read on to find out how to take advantage of existing systems to create the digital experiences employees need, no matter where or how they work.

[Announcement] Workgrid and Trianz PULSE Partner to Deliver a Powerful Workplace of the Future

To deliver even greater value on our promise to make work simpler and more efficient, Workgrid has announced a partnership with digital transformation technology and services firm Trianz. Find out how this collaboration gives customers the tools and functionality they need to exceed their digital transformation goals.

What We're Interested in Lately

Here's what caught our eye in the world of employee experience and the digital workplace lately...

From Jacob Morgan

Why Experiences are Greater than Perks

Jacob Morgan discusses why it’s so important to create a workplace where employees want, not need, to come to work, and shares his thoughts on how to create meaningful experiences for employees.

From Dan Schwabel

The Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2022

Based on hundreds of conversations with CEOs, HR leaders, and other workplace professionals, here are the insights you need to prepare for the future and drive your organization forward. 

From The Newstack

2022: The Year of Hyperautomation and Low Code

Key insights into exciting developments in two areas of technology, both of which allow teams to operate smarter and faster: low-code platforms and hyperautomation.

[Watch] Death by Digital Friction: A Simple Approach to Solving the Challenges of the Digital Workplace

In this session, Workgrid’s Head of Product Marketing, Rob Ryan, demonstrates how to create a digital workplace that supports productivity, rather than destroying it. He discusses 3 of the biggest digital workplace challenges today, provides solutions to reduce digital friction, and shares success stories from both a Fortune 500 global​ energy company ​and an industry leader in the management of legacy​ and run-off insurance businesses.