Igloo + Workgrid – Improving the Digital Employee Experience

Workgrid & Igloo announce a strategic partnership to improve the digital employee experience

Today’s employees are overloaded with information in the workplace. The number of systems they need to navigate in the course of their work is overwhelming, causing significant communication and productivity issues throughout the business.

Employees need help. Specifically, they need a simplified, streamlined way to engage with enterprise technology.

That’s why Workgrid has recently launched a partnership with Igloo Software. This collaboration pairs the power of a next-gen intranet platform with the utility of a digital assistant to improve the digital employee experience and solve the challenges plaguing the digital workplace today.

Here’s how…

Building a modern, intelligent digital workplace

Igloo is an award-winning cloud-based intranet platform that delivers modern features and capabilities that improve the way your organization communicates, shares information, and engages with employees.

On its own, the Igloo platform is packed with features to help you build and sustain a thriving digital workplace, including blogs, wikis, calendars, forums, multimedia and more.

This is a great foundation for your digital workplace - one that’s made even more powerful with the addition of the Workgrid Digital Assistant.

The Workgrid Digital Assistant integrates with the Igloo intranet as a pervasive toolbar that stays with employees wherever they go on the site. It aggregates all the important tasks, information, and communications employees need from applications across the enterprise to create a single, connected employee experience.