Workgrid Introduces Guided Attention Technology

Guided attention technology addresses critical digital workplace and employee experience issues

Workgrid is excited to announce the launch of its new guided attention technology, which is the first solution of its kind that focuses on intelligently guiding employees’ attention to the right information at the right time.

Workgrid’s guided attention technology optimizes the digital work experience for employees and minimizes digital friction by nudging, surfacing, and promoting information and tasks from existing business systems and delivering them across the channels employees already work in.

Guided attention technology empowers all employees to do their best work and aids productivity by minimizing digital friction and unwanted distractions that destroy focus, waste time, and degrades the overall employee experience.

Guided attention technology reduces digital friction, improves employee experience

Employees are struggling to get full value out of the digital workplace. Because of the rapid digitization caused by the pandemic, their days are derailed trying to navigate a complicated maze of disparate applications, struggling to find information that’s buried in silos, and getting caught up in an onslaught on new content and info. All of this creates a frustrating user experience that makes it difficult to focus on high-value, meaningful work.

This fragmented digital work experience is hindering the potential of our employees.

  • Employees waste an estimated 50% of their work time context switching, app hopping etc.

  • 68% of workers toggle between apps up to 10X/hour

  • 31% of workers said toggling causes them to lose their train of thought

  • It can take 23 min to recover focus after a distraction

Guided attention technology minimizes this digital friction and eliminates unwanted distractions by creating a streamlined experience for the tasks and information employees need the most.

Making it simple to deliver intelligent and personalized experiences

Guided attention technology integrates with the key business systems organizations rely on, abstracting just the content and actions employees' need from enterprise systems.

This creates a custom user experience for each employee that:

  • Surfaces the right notifications, signals, alerts, and information when they're needed, and where the user happens to be working

  • Sends nudges for time-sensitive information or tasks that require awareness or action

  • Automates complex workflows and processes, giving the user greater flexibility and more time to focus on meaningful work

To make guided attention technology even more powerful, Workgrid has also included a no-code app builder with its platform, enabling organizations to build custom digital experiences for employees.

With access to 200+ pre-built connectors to popular enterprise systems, this no-code app builder provides organizations with the flexibility and control they need to rapidly build and deliver Workgrid apps that simplify experiences with existing enterprise systems and further guide employees’ attention to what matters most. This reduces the time, effort, and overall cost to build apps, enabling organizations to quickly and easily deliver a better digital work experience for employees.

Guided experiences delivered across any digital workplace channel

Today, guided experiences built with Workgrid can be delivered via the Workgrid digital assistant, either as an intranet toolbar, mobile app, or Microsoft Teams app, driving our mission to provide employees with the right experience at the right time, within the channel that’s most convenient for them.

To continue our evolution as a digital workplace leader, we’ve recently launched a partner program and are working with our flagship partners Igloo Software and Trianz to deliver Workgrid’s digital assistant as an added layer of functionality and value for their digital workplace solutions.

Future plans include providing our partners and customers with client APIs to enable complete customization of the Workgrid experience and the ability to effectively integrate Workgrid into any existing digital workplace solution. This will enable customers to decouple Workgrid functionality (e.g. smart notifications or microapps) from the traditional toolbar format and integrate these experiences seamlessly into whatever digital channel is most appropriate such as an existing mobile app or portal.

Simpler work experiences for every employee, no matter where they are

“Our mission has always been to make work simpler, more efficient, and engaging,” said Troy Campano, Head of Product at Workgrid. “This began with a focus on improving the employee experience by bringing tasks, information and communications into a centralized location, whether on the intranet or with a mobile app. As the nature of work has changed, however, it became clear that what employees really need is easy access to the right tools and information at the right time and in the right channels – whatever those channels might be. The simple fact is this: if you help employees improve their attention management and create a better experience for the tools they already have, you can dramatically improve their productivity and decision-making, boost sales, and ultimately improve the employee experience. This launch of guided attention technology, featuring our new no-code app builder and out-of-the box apps, will strengthen our ability to deliver the simplified work experiences employees need to be successful.”