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August 2022 | The Grid – Workgrid’s Newsletter for the Digital Workplace
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August 2022 | The Grid – Workgrid’s Newsletter for the Digital Workplace

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Published on Aug 23th, 2022
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Written by Emily Rodenhuis

Getting the full value of your digital workplace

It hardly seems possible that some schools are already back in session. But pumpkin spice everything is back, so summer must really be coming to a close.

It's a time of year that makes you think of new beginnings. Fresh starts. A chance to really make the most of what you've got and get rid of old, bad habits that are holding you back.

We've actually been working on a few new things here that capture that spirit - technologies to help organizations overcome the digital friction that's preventing employees from getting full value out of the digital workplace.

We'll be announcing these advancements as a sponsor of the upcoming HR Technology Conference. In the meantime, here are some resources to help you take advantage of the "new beginnings" vibe...

The Latest from Workgrid

[Blog] Conquer the Future of Work with Employee-Centric Design

Technology is preventing employees from getting full value from your digital workplace. Find out why, and get guidance on how to rethink your tech strategy to deliver a better employee experience.

Understanding how to use the tools they need goes a long way towards simplifying employees’ digital work experience. 

[Blog] Software Reviews Champion Ranking

Workgrid was recently ranked a champion in Software Reviews 2022 Digital Workplace Emotional Footprint Report. Learn more about how we stacked up and what key features set us apart.

[Blog] Customize Employee Experiences Faster with No-Code/Low-Code

No-code development is the key to delivering customized employee experiences and driving innovation. Learn more about how it can benefit your organization today.

What We're Interested in Lately

Here's what caught our eye in the world of employee experience and the digital workplace lately...

From ReWorked

How Employee Technology Leads to Business Success

The way employees rely on technology to get work done has changed a lot in the past decade. Are you taking full advantage of the changes? Find out how to effectively leverage technology to improve the employee experience.

From BetaNews

Reducing Digital Friction for a Better Employee Experience

Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay, increasing the challenges – and importance of – delivering an effective employee experience. Read on for guidance on how to optimize the end-user experience.

From Deloitte

Rebooting the Digital Workplace

Understand how to use data in the digital workplace to gain insights that make it possible to identify patterns and make predictions, nudge positive employee behaviors, and fine-tune individual, team, and organizational performance.

Employees Are Being Robbed of Time, Do You Know How to Stop It?

Your employees are facing a constant assault on their attention. Whether it's app sprawl, information overload, or digital noise pollution, they face an oppressive need to be constantly tuned in. And this constant drain is creating a wellness pressure cooker. 

Watch this session to understand the root causes of this attack on employees' time and attention, plus get actionable advice for how to stop it in its tracks.

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