Centralized Workplace Chatbot

A personalized conversational interface for answering questions and completing tasks. Put power in the hands of your people with 24/7 access to critical information and self-service functionality.

A Virtual Concierge- Available Any Time, From Anywhere

Rather than having separate chatbots for different functions, Workgrid’s chatbot can answer questions across any line of business, serving as a centralized bot for the whole enterprise.

Populating the bot with content is easy because Workgrid's out-of-the-box Q&A builder provides an easy-to-use, “no coding experience required” interface for line of business owners to train the bot with the most commonly asked questions, anything from “what’s the guest wifi password” to “what is the time off policy” and “what’s on the lunch menu?”.

Simplified, Personalized Information Retrieval

No more wasting time looking for information across the enterprise!

Workgrid’s multi-use, enterprise-grade chatbot helps employees be more productive by enabling round-the-clock access to critical information, all from an easy-to-use conversational interface. Answers are also personalized to each employee, increasing engagement and reducing information overload.

Always Available Self-Service Task Automation

Help desk tickets resolved by support staff cost, on average, $15.56. The Workgrid chatbot, on the other hand, has been proven to reduce the cost of Help Desk transactions by 93% -- plus, it’s available 24/7 to help employees resolve time-sensitive issues as they arise.

The Workgrid chatbot can be easily trained to support any department's service desk centers or departments that frequently receive lots of questions, from HR and IT to procurement and payroll.

Personalized Answer to Every Question

The best chatbots recognize that there’s no such thing as a one size fits all answer to questions. Upcoming holidays might vary by country, for example, while weather conditions might affect office availability by region.

Based on the wide variety of information stored in user profiles, such as what office, state, and country an employee is in, whether they’re a manager, etc., the Workgrid chatbot can enable personalized, contextual responses based on an employee’s specific circumstances.

Continual Improvement of Bot Performance

To provide the ongoing quality of experience employees expect, the Workgrid chatbot offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard so administrators can monitor and optimize chatbot adoption and usage. That makes it easy to be sure the bot is driving ongoing value and continuing to serve as a helpful resource.

Chatbot Features

Eliminate the time and complexity it takes to deploy a chatbot! Workgrid puts the power of the bot directly into the hands of knowledge workers, with no programming experience required.

Q&A Builder

An easy-to-use interface makes training your chatbot to respond to employees’ commonly asked questions easy – no software developers or coding experience required!

Pre-Packaged Questions

An assortment of ready-made questions and answers is available out-of-the box, so you can be up and running with your bot on Day 1.

Small Talk

Enhance the user experience of your chatbot with small talk. The Workgrid chatbot comes ready with a variety of small-talk interactions, including greetings and thank you responses.


Built-in dynamic support helps end-users understand which questions and tasks the chatbot can and can’t answer or perform. It even dynamically suggests conversation topics when the chatbot’s knowledge and capabilities have expanded.

Fall Back

No more embarrassing responses of “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.” Built-in fall-back search capabilities allow the bot to offer the most likely possible answers, even when it's unsure.


A comprehensive analytics dashboard makes it simple for administrators to monitor and optimize the chatbot’s adoption and usage to be sure the bot is driving ongoing value and continuing to serve as a helpful resource .

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