Workgrid Software is changing the way enterprise software is built. Our mission is to create beautiful purpose-built software that focuses on improving the employee experience.

At Workgrid, we believe employees should be productive, not busy. The amount of systems in today's business environment is overwhelming the workforce. Employees are overloaded with information, spending hours checking and managing their work, finding information, and taking action on menial tasks.This is causing significant communication and productivity issues in the workplace.

Workgrid focuses on creating solutions that solve the most common and inefficient workplace technology challenges faced by mid-large global businesses. Everything we do is because we believe people have a purpose. We create intuitive experiences that enable human potential by building software that people love.

Industry Recognition

Digital Edge 50 Award

Digital Workplace of the Year 2018

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Platinum Award Winner

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Top 10 Virtual Assistant


Eye on Innovation Award

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Digital Project of the Year Award

DANI Award

Best Digital Transformation Project

KM Promise Award

Finalist for Award

2020 HR Tech Outlook

Top Digital Workplace Solution Provider

2021 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant

Gold Medalist

2022 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant Awards

Gold Medalist


  1. Liberty Mutual seeks to transform the employee digital experience. With no viable solution on the market, they leverage the latest technologies and practices to design and build an internal digital assistant for all employees.

  2. Conducting an iterative agile workflow, the team releases betas, gathers feedback and conducts user research to fine-tune and prepare to launch the digital assistant enterprise-wide.

  3. Liberty Mutual's digital assistant is released to all 50,000+ employees. Sentiment analysis research surfaced the number one word employees used to describe the digital assistant: "love" (as in 'I love this!'), not a word you often hear used to describe enterprise software.

  4. Liberty Mutual discovers a mutual interest from other companies in their digital assistant, prompting them to bring their digital assistant solution to the open market, believing their enterprise-grade software, built by an enterprise, would effectively solve the needs of companies with similar challenges.

  5. Liberty Mutual launches Workgrid Software - a wholly owned company that brings mid- and large-sized companies employee-centric software solutions. The digital assistant solution is Workgrid's first product to market - the Workgrid Assistant.


Dover, NH
Boston, MA
Wausau, WI
Belfast, UK

History of Building Enterprise-Grade Software

Workgrid Software delivers intelligent and purpose-built software made for the enterprise, by an enterprise. As an endeavor of Liberty Mutual, Workgrid leverages a highly skilled workforce of 5,000+ technology professionals dedicated to building and delivering best-in-industry solutions that solve for the workplace technology challenges faced by mid-large global businesses.

The product and engineering team behind Workgrid Software have built a range of large scale complex software applications supporting both Liberty's 50,000+ strong workforce and the millions of global policy holders, in a highly regulated industry. Workgrid Software leverages these Fortune 100 best of breed disciplines and practices to deliver high-value solutions to improve ease of access and quality of service delivery to our customers, while maintaining focus on providing solutions that have the security, compliance, scalability, and privacy standards built in to meet the requirements of the enterprise.

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