Intranet Digital Assistant

The Workgrid Digital Assistant intelligently abstracts notifications, communications, data, and tasks from your critical business systems and delivers them to employees in a single, unified experience.

Workgrid integrates with your existing intranet platform as an omnipresent toolbar to create a personalized and intelligent experience for employees that guides their attention on what they need to know and act on - enhancing productivity, focus, and engagement.

Increase Intranet Engagement

Transform your intranet into a digital destination. Workgrid's easy-to-deploy toolbar increases engagement with your intranet by providing relevant and timely content such as HR information, approval requests, system notifications, and other personalized data, in a single, connected experience.

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Reduce Digital Friction

Today's employees are overloaded with information and disjointed user experiences. Unburden your employees and simplify the way they access systems and the content they need. 

By enabling employees to execute tasks such as expense approvals, time off requests, equipment ordering, help desk ticket submittal, or procurement request processing, the Workgrid Digital Assistant makes your intranet a critical piece of the digital employee experience.

What Workgrid Delivers

How the Workgrid Digital Assistant supports the employee experience

Unified Activity Stream

Help employees focus on what matters most with aggregated notifications, alerts, and tasks delivered in one centralized feed. Smart algorithms ensure that only the most timely notifications are at the top, deleting them when they're no longer relevant, creating higher visibility for important communications.

Apps & Integrations

Provide simplified access to information from enterprise systems, eliminating the need to log in and out of source systems to view HR information like time off balances, pay slip information, or finding contact information for employees across the organizations.

Natural Language Chatbot

Make it easier for employees to complete routine tasks and find information with a conversational interface that can respond 24/7 to commonly asked questions and even handle tasks such as submitting help center tickets or resetting passwords.

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Transform your digital workplace with the Workgrid Digital Assistant.