Workgrid Digital Experience Platform

A digital experience platform built for the employee experience

Your employees want a personalized digital experience that eliminates frustration and helps simplify the work day. So make that a reality with Workgrid, the only digital experience platform designed with the employees' user experience in mind. 

Workgrid is the ideal "center of gravity" for your employee experience strategy, supporting all the moments that matter throughout the employee journey. 

Personalized & contextual experiences

Finally, an easy way to create and deliver the consumer-like experiences that your employees expect!

Workgrid’s digital experience platform (DXP) enables organizations to provide relevant and individually tailored experiences. That means everything from customized communications and proactive notifications, to detailed chatbot responses to frequently asked questions – and all by taking advantage of the employee data you already have.

Seamless integration with key systems

Improve productivity and reduce frustration by giving employees easy and centralized access to the enterprise systems they use the most.

Our DXP insulates employees from the technological complexity of their organization by creating a consumer-like experience layer that simplifies the work day. How? By integrating the platform with both common and custom applications to abstract the critical tasks and information employees need and making it readily available to act on without ever having to log into the source system.

With out-of-the-box integrations to commonly used systems (including ChromeRiver, Concur, ServiceNow, and Oracle HCM) as well as API-based frame work and software development kits (SDKs) to connect legacy or bespoke applications, Workgrid makes it easy to achieve quick wins in improving the employee experience.

Easy and powerful content management & delivery

Putting personalized, contextual information into the hands of every employee across an enterprise has never been easier! A powerful publisher tool can be used to send tailored communications to specific audiences using audience targeting.

Audience targeting can be configured using any known attribute (office location, persona, job function, etc.) and can easily be populated from a company's identity provider or SCIM schema. Organizations can also create their own custom user attributes for full control over the employee experience.

Additionally, Workgrid's natural language chatbot is supported by a no-code content management system that takes advantage of audience targeting to easily curate custom responses to the most commonly asked questions.

Flexible, multi-channel experience

Give employees a flexible, intuitive and frustration-free digital experience – no matter where they are!

The Workgrid DXP delivers personalized and contextual tasks and information to employees across the enterprise - and it's available as a web tool bar, mobile app, or desktop application. Every worker will have easy access to the resources they need to operate at the highest levels, whether they're in the office, on the front lines, deskless, or remote.

To make the experience even more powerful, administrators can customize the front-end user interface of any applications delivered via Workgrid. This means organizations can optimize the employee experience with a combination of tools that include smart notifications, app cards, and a conversational interface.

Real-time analytics for ongoing optimization

Improving the employee experience isn’t a “one-and-done” initiative – it needs constant attention and refinement to be successful.

Workgrid makes it easy to monitor, assess, and improve the performance of digital experiences with a powerful analytics dashboard. It provides up-to-the-minute insights into usage and demographics, communication and engagement, survey and chatbot analytics, and more.

Scalable & extensible platform

Spend more time focusing on employee need with a cloud-based DXP that’s capable of scaling to meet demands of today's enterprises. Get up and running quickly with a variety of out-of-the-box and low/no-code functionality or leveraging our API-driven platform build customized experiences that meet your employees' unique needs.

Workgrid runs as a serverless architecture on Amazons AWS platform. It handles performance monitoring and threshold alerts for the core systems as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) and is compatible with other cloud providers, SaaS offerings, and intranet options.

Security & access control

Flexible employee experiences that empower your workforce to be effective no matter where they are don’t have to be a threat to the security of your organization.

Backed by industry-leading security organizations, Workgrid’s DXP meets compliance and security standards, including Privacy Shield, GDPR, and SOC2. Organizations can easily manager their Workgrid account, setup granular permissions, customize attributes, and employ identity management options, including SSO, SAML, SCIM, and IDAP.

Simplify work, improve engagement & drive productivity

Employees are the lifeblood of your organization and they deserve a unified, consumer-like digital experience. It’s now easier than ever to make that a reality by delivering intelligent, employee-focused technology that simplifies the work day and gives workers across the enterprise more time to focus on the meaningful, high-value work that gives them purpose. 

See the Workgrid Platform in action!