[eBook] Creating an Employee-Centered Experience

Strategies for an Engaging Digital Workplace

There's a lot of value in providing a digital employee experience that both empowers and engages. In fact, organizations with highly engaged employees report more than 2x revenue growth over average organizations, according to Harvard Business Review. 

Yet the proliferation of tools and silos within organizations creates a frustrating, fractured experience that has a negative impact on retention rates, productivity and revenue. 

So how do you create a digital workplace strategy that puts employees at the center and allows for a seamless and modern experience? And how do you empower your workforce to focus on the meaningful work that’s the cornerstone of a truly engaging employee experience? 

Download the guide to learn how to:

  • Identify the barriers to developing an effective digital employee experience strategy

  • Build the strategy and team you need to transform employee experience

  • Drive immediate improvements in employee productivity and satisfaction