[Gartner Report] Traditional Intranets are Dead

Modern Intranets are Alive and Well

Give employees the modern intranet they deserve

According to Gartner, as many as 90% of intranets fail to achieve their original goals. That’s not only sad, it’s frustrating -- and completely unnecessary.

The reason most intranets flounder is because they're either old, not properly maintained or are a collection of outdated repositories of policies and handbooks. 

It doesn't have to be that way!

Give employees a better, easier way to stay informed, find information and complete their daily tasks by transforming your intranet into a powerful platform that helps employees get their work done and builds a strong employee experience.

This Gartner report is a great resource to get you started:

  • The potential of a modern intranet as the cornerstone of your digital workplace

  • The approaches for revitalizing your intranet

  • The key tricks for keeping your intranet fresh and new