[Gartner Report] Traditional Intranets are Dead

Modern Intranets are Alive and Well: Part 2

Make your modern intranet a reality

"There is no one touchpoint for intranets that fits the needs of every organization. As as application leader responsible for digital workplace applications, you should pick the deployment touchpoints that best suit your culture, business requirements and employee needs. Don't restrict yourself to a destination site intranet. Instead explore a variety of delivery touchpoints that can meet the needs of all your employees." - Gartner

  • You've included the intranet in your digital workplace strategy.

  • You've identified approaches to revitalize your intranet.

  • You've strategized ways to keep it fresh and interesting, so it meets employees' needs.  

Now you're ready to take the next step: addressing the technology to make it happen.

  • You need a platform that supports modern intranet functionality.

  • You need a shift toward multi-channel and multi-experience.

  • You need to design front-experiences focused on employee UX.

Check out Gartner's report "Traditional Intranets Are Dead - Modern Intranets Are Alive and Well: Part 2" to help you get started.