Introducing Guided Attention

The solution for overcoming the chaos of work.

Guided attention is the practice of having one’s attention directed to the most important and relevant information and tasks with the intention to drive productivity and engagement.

Workgrid’s guided attention technology is the first solution of its kind, transforming the way employees interact with technology and simplifying the digital experience by minimizing digital friction.

How does Workgrid solve the key challenges of digital friction?

Workgrid frees employees from digital workplace chaos guiding their attention by consolidating information, news, data, tasks, and actions from critical enterprise systems. This enhances engagement and delivers a unified experience wherever employees work.


Pings, dings, and distractions are causing chaos at work

Work has become chaotic. Digital workplaces are overloaded with tools, apps, and resources for communication, collaboration, and content. The result is information overload, disruptive notifications, distractions, and attention black holes – this is digital friction.

Signs of digital friction:

- Digital noise

- Information overload

- Application sprawl

- Complex user experiences and business processes

- Manual work processes

Intelligent software to guide people's attention

Guided attention technology is software used to specifically aid in the guiding of people’s attention to the information and action items they need most to be productive and engaged.

Workgrid's guided attention technology empowers employees to focus on their work by reducing digital distractions, surfacing and granting access to information and tasks at the right time, in the right channels.

Why guide attention with Workgrid?

Give employees a simpler work experience and guide their attention to the tasks and information that matters most.

Reduce stress and frustration

Consolidate information, actions, processes, and tasks to help employees make better decisions and deliver higher-quality work.

Maximize technology investments

Make it easier for employees to interact with technology and find information without extraordinary effort or friction.

Increase engagement with communications

Surface consolidated and targeted communications directly to the right employees, at the right time, in the channels they work in.

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