Helpdesk & ITSM Integrations

Your existing ITSM & helpdesk technology, just better
Provide employees a single place to submit tickets, track help desk and service requests, find answers to IT questions, and stay up to date on important IT announcements and notifications.

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Elevate Important Notifications & Reminders

From system outages, password reset reminders, IT & security campaigns, phishing alerts to IT policies and surveys- elevate important announcements, reminders and communications outside of email for increased visibility and awareness.

Reduce Operational Cost with a Chatbot

Leverage the Workgrid chatbot to answer questions around-the-clock (e.g. How do I order a new laptop, what is the helpdesk phone number, how many digits should a password be) and automate tasks such as submitting incident tickets to resetting passwords. However you leverage the chatbot, you'll be empowering employees with self-service access and reducing operational cost.

Deliver tasks to the right person at the right time

Employees have different needs and timelines when it comes to routine business processes. Give them a tailored experience using customizable workflows that deliver personalized tasks based on attributes like persona, business unit, location, job level, and more.

Tasks can also be delivered sequentially at pre-determined points throughout the entire journey of a process, so procedures like on or offboarding that may take weeks or even months to complete can take place smoothly and in the appropriate timeframe.

Example Use Cases

From help desk tickets to password reset reminders, streamline employee access to approvals, IT request, and annoucements.

Submit IT Request

Leverage a chatbot or microapp experience to streamline and provide employees a consumer-grade experience for submitting IT request.

Announcements & Reminders

Elevate important IT announcements and reminders outside of email so they aren't missed

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Leverage the Workgrid Chatbot to help answer frequently asked questions around-the-clock

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