Human Resources

Centralize HR information, streamline onboarding and create a self-service hub that increases employee engagement and delivers a purposeful employee experience.

HR is arguably the first and last stop when it comes to employee experience. It’s the corporate function that provides prospective new employees with their initial impression of your organization and the group that supports workers during the biggest moments that matter. But it’s impossible to be effective – or even make a good impression – if your existing HCM systems back you into a corner of delivering a fragmented user experience. It’s time to take back control of your technology and use it to your advantage!

Improve the Digital Employee Experience

Your employees are happiest and most engaged when they’re focused on their core job. It makes sense -- no one likes getting frustrated by unnecessary distractions, such as having to toggle back and forth between different enterprise systems to complete common tasks. And yet unfortunately, that’s exactly what most employees spend a lot of their day doing. 

Workgrid can help you eliminate those distractions and simplify the way your employees work because the system extracts critical information from enterprise systems and presents it in a unified, personalized, and easy-to-consume format, delivering the streamlined, consumer-like experience employees have come to expect.  

That means one-click access to important HR information and resources -- like payroll, time off balances, calendars, and a corporate directory -- all right at employees’ finger tips. Better yet? It’s available via mobile or the web, so employees can access critical information no matter where they are. 

Streamline Tasks & Workflows

Employees, especially managers, face a unique set of challenges when it comes to the maze of disparate, yet interconnected systems found in most organizations. Because of the number of approvals they have to respond to, a significant amount of time is wasted logging in and out of various core systems – time that could be better spent on more strategic initiatives.

Workgrid eliminates this headache by consolidating tasks and notifications into a central location, creating a digital experience layer that makes it fast and easy for employees to handle their administrative tasks and giving them more time to focus on high-value work.

Deliver Employee-Centered Onboarding

The first few days and weeks of an employee’s time with your organization are considered “moments that matters” for a reason – because it’s one of the most impactful times in their employment with you. How smoothly that process goes sets the stage for what’s to come, so it’s important to get started on the right foot. Workgrid dramatically simplifies onboarding for both new employees, the Hiring Manager, and other functional departments involved, such as marketing, legal, compliance or facilities management.

For employees, Workgrid creates a streamlined process that breaks down everything a new employee needs to know and do in a single, unified experience. For Hiring Managers, Workgrid helps them keep the new hire process on track with friendly prompts about tasks that need to be completed in the lead up to the start date. It’s a simplified process that goes a long way towards reducing friction and ensuring success for everyone involved.

Enable Self-Service and Improve Focus on More Important Work

It’s perfectly reasonable that employees would come to you for help with HR-related tasks and questions, but being constantly responsive to those requests leaves little time for you to focus on the more strategic initiatives you have on your plate. The Workgrid chatbot puts the power back in the hands of employees (and frees up your time), giving them the fast, personalized information they need, no matter where they are.

The chatbot, which uses Natural Language Processing to make finding information as simple as asking a question, is easy-to-use, requires no coding experience to set up, and gives employees 24/7 access to all the information they need.

Improve Engagement with Remote Workers

Remote workers and front-line workers play a critical role in the success of your business, so it’s important to make sure they feel engaged and have the same easy access to company announcements and other vital information as their office-based counterparts. 

Workgrid helps deliver personalized communications to remote users that are tailored to their specific needs and circumstance, giving them a sense of connection to the organization that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Custom notifications through Workgrid can include benefit reminders, pulse surveys, and a variety of contextual notifications about training, town hall presentations, holiday reminders, etc.

Integrations for an Intelligent Employee Experience

Give your employees access to everything they need from an all-in-one unified experience.

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