Solutions for Internal Communications

Meet employees where they are -- elevate important communications outside of email.

As the function that’s responsible for making sure employees have the information they need, Internal Comms folks are the unsung heroes of every organization. The job they face is a tough one because making sure important messages are seen is no easy task. Email seems like the logical solution, but when you consider that’s the channel through which most communication flows, it’s easy for things to get lost in the mix. It’s time to put that struggle in the past! Workgrid makes communications personalized, contextual and highly visible to employees as they go about their day, so important information doesn’t get missed.

Right Information at the Right Time- pulling information outside of email

Workers lose hours of productivity every day trying to process an incessant flow of email – most of which isn’t even relevant. It’s overwhelming, and critical information ultimately gets missed because there’s just too much to keep up with.

Workgrid helps organizations pull themselves out of that email trap by elevating critical communications out of the inbox and presenting them as contextual, easy to-consume notifications in a centralized toolbar. Even better, the Assistant enables internal comms teams to use employee data that’s readily available to personalize communications, so only relevant information is delivered, further increasing the likelihood that it was be seen and acted upon as necessary.

Personalized, Tailored, and Contextual

One of the biggest hurdles internal communications pros face is competition against messages from other areas of the business. There’s only so much people can pay attention to, so when you factor in emails from IT, Security and HR groups, along with automated message from enterprise systems about things like password resets, it all becomes too much.

Workgrid consolidates all that information into one central location, prioritizing messages so employees can easily understand what’s most important. And because Workgrid aggregates information from core systems, acting as a digital experience layer, employees can also take any action that’s needed – no need to toggle over to a different system and log in.

Reach and Engage with Every Single Employee

Information is power.  But reaching every employee with important communications is an uphill battle. Between information overload and certain employees (like front-end workers) not having access to a corporate email account to receive information, it’s inevitable that people get left out of the loop. That’s not just bad for business, it’s bad for morale -- and therefore bad for the health of your organization.

Because Workgrid is available as both a desktop app and via mobile, you can finally guarantee that every single employee, regardless of their location or situation, can get the information they need to be effective and feel connected.

Contextual Communication Campaigns- Moments that Matter

Long gone are the days when employees were satisfied to simply do an honest day's work, collect their paycheck and go home. In today’s world, employees want (and need) to feel connected to the organization they work for if they’re going to perform at their highest levels – and that starts with the quality of the communications they receive.

Workgrid helps you achieve that mission by making it easy to deliver personalized, contextual communications that have a huge impact on the moments that matter for employees. By taking advantage of employee data that you already have available, Workgrid can help you target campaigns that focus both on important work moments, like onboarding, promotions etc., as well as on the rich array of other pivotal moments, like getting married, graduating from school or becoming a new parent.

When combined with other useful messages regarding things like well-being initiatives and financial seminars, these targeted, holistic messaging campaigns make employees feel like a connected part of the organization and they’ll be excited and happy to do their best work.  

Create a Modern & Intelligent Intranet Experience

It’s reasonable to expect that the Intranet would be the lifeblood of an organization, the first place employees would turn to find information and stay connected with what’s happening across the organization. Unfortunately, most Intranets are either old, not properly maintained or are frankly just boring repositories of policies and handbooks.

Because Workgrid can be deployed as an easy-to-use toolbar that can be located anywhere, it brings new life to even the dullest, most outdated Intranet, creating a modern and intelligent Intranet experience without the cost or hassle of replacing it. Easy-to-consume notifications present critical tasks and information from across the organization in a central location, and important employee data, like payslip information and time off balances, are located in the toolbar as well, so employees have a reason to visit the Intranet, significantly increasing the likelihood that they’ll see your important messages. And Workgrid's natural language chatbot makes finding information as easy as asking a question.

Integrations for An Intelligent Employee Experience

Connect your employees with access to everything they need from all in one unified experience.

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