Marketing Conversion Expert

Marketing Conversion Program Manager

At Workgrid, we believe employees are happiest, fulfilled, and most engaged when focusing on work that matters. Today’s fragmented digital work experience is causing significant engagement, communication and productivity issues in the workplace that is hindering the potential of our employees. 

People deserve a better work experience. Our mission is to make work simpler, more efficient, and engaging.

Workgrid’s digital employee experience platform enables organizations to create an intelligent experience for getting work done that empowers employees to be more efficient- increasing their ability to focus on the high-value work that results in an engaging and fulfilling employee experience.


Our team is seeking to hire a Marketing conversion expert who can plan, manage, execute, and optimize multi-touch marketing programs that result in the engagement and conversion of leads throughout the marketing and sales funnel.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a mastery of: executing marketing campaigns and lead nurturing strategies that drive results; understanding prospects’ needs and delivering the right messages via an array of touch-points at the right time to engage prospects; qualify leads and guide prospects efficiently through the marketing and sales funnel.

In this role, you will help define the ideal prospect journey across channels and deliver tailored and targeted experiences to improve conversion and engagement across our prospect funnel.


  • Oversee, create and manage effective marketing campaigns that nurture and convert prospects, including but not limited to: email marketing activities, social media presence, landing pages, website content, and digital advertising channels.

  • Understand what messages, content and programs increase conversions and implement marketing tactics and programs to engage and convert prospects throughout the funnel.

  • Measure results, implement test plans (e.g. A/B, landing pages, offers, etc.) and optimize conversion points in the marketing funnel and lead nurturing workflows.

  • Develop high quality content that demonstrates value to our potential buyers including but not limited to product collateral, sales enablement content, blogs, website content, PR, editorial opportunities and award submissions.

  • Assist with managing Workgrid’s social media presence, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, with a focus on optimization and conversion.

  • Assist with making updates to the Workgrid website, including creating and adding new copy, identifying areas for optimization/improvements, posting blog content and creating landing pages to support marketing programs.

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