Micro Apps

Simplifying Interactions With Complex Enterprise Systems

Ease the workday for employees with streamlined access to personalized information such as time-off balances, payroll information and more, all from a central location. Micro apps can be accessed directly from your intranet, a desktop application, or a mobile application- ensuring all employees have the information they want and need, exactly where they want to view it.

Fewer Steps for Greater Productivity

Common tasks, like requesting vacation time, often take multiple steps in numerous complex systems to complete. Micro apps eliminate that wasted time by handling the heavy lifting, so employees don’t have to. Workgrid's time off micro app for example coordinates all the steps involved in requesting time off (submitting a time off request, creating an out of office message, etc.) and consolidates them into a simple, single-step process, so employees can get back to their high-value work more quickly.

Just the Right Functionality When You Need It

Micro apps deliver highly-customizable functionality that empowers employees with single-click access to exactly the information and task-based functions they need, when they need it. Workgrid is also flexible, so employees can personalize and tailor which apps they see in the Workgrid Assistant.

More Time for High-Value Work

Employees are overwhelmed by all the complex enterprise systems they have to interact with just to get work done. Micro Apps eliminate that frustration and simplify the work day by abstracting the most common tasks and information (like time off balances and payroll information) from back-end systems. It then presents that information in a seamless, intuitive experience, without unnecessary navigation between multiple systems.

Intuitive, Consumer-Like Experiences Your Employees Expect

As consumers, employees have come to expect every digital experience -- regardless of the channel or device -- to save time and add value, not create frustration. The Workgrid Assistant’s micro apps facilitate that level of superior experience in the enterprise. By elevating only the information and tasks that are relevant to the employee and doing so in a sleek format that’s easy-to-consume on any device, employees can spend more time focused on the work that drives value for the business.

Micro Apps

From handy task savers to streamlined workflows, MicroApps proactively presents data so employees don’t have to waste time hunting for what they need. Build your own, or leverage configurable out-of-the-box MicroApps.


Instant, secure access to recent pay slip information, without having to access core finance or HR systems.

People Search

An easy way to find co-workers across the organization.

Time Off

Provide easy access to view time off balances and one-click functionality to submit leave requests.

Increase Productivity, Reduce Clicks

Companies that use Workgrid see an average reduction of 70% in the number of clicks it takes to obtain key employee information, which increases productivity dramatically.

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