Modernize Your Existing Intranet

Increase traffic and drive engagement - without replacing your existing intranet platform.

Bring new life to even the most dull and outdated intranet! Workgrid's easy-to-use toolbar instantly modernizes your existing intranet without the cost and hassle of completely replacing your existing technology. Here's how...

Unified activity stream

Drive traffic to the intranet with a unified activity stream that enables employees to see exactly what needs their immediate attention. Workgrid’s ability to integrate with more than 200 different enterprise systems means employees have just one place to go to view and take action on notifications and approvals from multiple systems.

Personalized and targeted newsfeed

Help employees focus on what's important by giving them just the right information at the right time. Smart notifications make it easy to deliver personalized, contextual news and communications that are tailored to each employee based on criteria such as office location, job function, and more. Employees can also opt-in and out of communications to further customize the information they receive.

Simplified access to key enterprise systems

Workgrid integrates with common and custom back-end systems from HR, IT or Finance to present targeted functionality and information on the intranet, eliminating the need for employees to log into many disparate systems. Workgrid abstracts only the important information workers need, from time off balance and payroll details to reporting metrics and performance management goals, presenting it in a streamlined experience that turns the intranet into the ideal front door for your digital workplace.

Full accessibility via mobile

Give every employee access to custom communications, personalized information, and a streamlined experience for enterprise systems! Workgrid is also available as a powerful mobile app, so remote and deskless workers can be effective and feel connected no matter where they are.

On-demand answers to top questions and self-service tasks

Help employees focus on the meaningful work they were hired to do with enterprise-grade chatbot functionality located right on your intranet.

Not only will a chatbot improve productivity, enabling employees to find the information they need as easily as asking a question, it will also increase engagement, delivering answers that are contextual to each employee’s specific circumstances. The Workgrid chatbot is also an easy way to deliver self-service functionality so employees have the power to complete routine tasks at their own convenience, while freeing HR and IT resources to focus on more strategic work.

Integrations for an Intelligent Employee Experience

Give your employees access to everything they need from an all-in-one unified experience.

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