Modernize Your Intranet

Deliver the intelligent experience your employees will love

Today most intranets are either old, not properly maintained, or are a collection of outdated repositories of policies and handbooks. Because Workgrid can be deployed as an easy-to-use toolbar that can be integrated onto an intranet or employee portal, it brings new life to even the most dull and outdated intranet, creating a modern and intelligent experience without the cost or hassle of replacing it. Learn how Workgrid can instantly modernize your intranet and increase engagement - creating a powerful experience that can serve as the front door to your digital workplace.

Targeted communications for every employee

Help employees be better informed and more connected to the organization by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, all from an easy-to-use intranet toolbar or mobile app.

Workgrid makes it easy to deliver tasks and communications that are tailored to each employee based on criteria such as office location, job function etc. – plus employees can opt-in and out of communications to further customize information they receive.

By elevating communications outside the chaos of email, employees can easily see the timely, relevant information they need so they can get back to work quickly.

Anytime, anywhere access to critical information and self-service tasks

Frontline workers have their hands full as the public-facing force of your organization. Eliminate the burden on them to access information and complete administrative tasks remotely by giving them a conversational chatbot interface that puts the power of intelligent technology right at their fingertips.

Not only will the Workgrid chatbot eliminate frustration by enabling employees to find the information they need as easily as asking a question, answers are customized to each employee’s specific situation, such as job title or office location.

Better yet, the chatbot is also an easy way to deliver self-service functionality, so workers can complete routine tasks at their own convenience, no matter where they are.

Simplified access to key enterprise systems

Simplify the work day for employees by giving them streamlined access to the key enterprise systems they need, right from the intranet.

Workgrid integrates with any back-end system, such as HR, IT or Finance, abstracting the important tasks, notifications and information workers need and making it available within a central toolbar. Turn your intranet into a one-stop shop for all the information employees need to know or take action on.

Full accessibility via mobile

Custom communications, personalized information and centralized access to enterprise systems aren’t just reserved for desktop functionality. The power of the Workgrid Assistant is also available as a fully functional mobile app, so remote and deskless workers can be effective and feel connected no matter where they are.

Integrations for an Intelligent Employee Experience

Give your employees access to everything they need from an all-in-one unified experience.

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