Death by Digital Friction

On-Demand Presentation

A Simple Approach to Solving the Challenges of the Digital Workplace

We all spend roughly a third of our lives working. In a perfect world, that time would be spent on meaningful work that helps us feel engaged and fulfilled. But far too often, that time is instead squandered battling through the barriers of digital friction. Hunting down information. Logging in and out of systems. Trying to effectively manage our attention across an unending string of interruptions.

In this session, Rob Ryan, Head of Product Marketing at Workgrid Software demonstrates how to create a digital workplace that supports productivity, rather than destroying it.

Topics Covered

  • 3 challenges in the digital workplace today

  • Solutions to reduce digital friction

  • [Case Study] Fortune 500 global​ energy company ​

  • [Case Study] Industry leader in the management of legacy​ and run-off insurance businesses


Rob Ryan
Director, Product Marketing,
Workgrid Software