[Presentation] How to Mitigate Digital Friction

From app sprawl to information overload to digital noise pollution, find out how to mitigate digital friction and implement technology with a human-centric design approach.


00:00 - 01:05 Intro and Agenda
01:05 - 01:57 3 Challenges of Modern Employees
01:58 - 03:21 The Rise of Digital Friction
03:22 - 06:16 Where does Digital Friction come from?
06:17-12:01 The Stress of an Attention Economy
12:02-14:54 Mitigating Digital Friction
14:55-17:03 Managing our Relationship with Technology at Home
17:04-17:47 Address Chaotic Work Patterns with an Employee-First Approach
17:48-21:20 Case Study
21:21-22:04 How Workgrid Works
22:05-22:33 Closing Thoughts