Digital Workplace Trends of 2021

On-Demand Webinar

Understanding the market drivers shaping business success

In this Workgrid webinar, Janine Marchi, Director of Marketing at Workgrid, explores three of the top trends influencing the digital workplace in 2021:

Trend 1:
Reimagining the intranet and digital workplace as a productivity hub with Brett Caldon, Co-founder and CEO at Workgrid Software

Trend 2:
IT and HR collaborating to build a cohesive, effective digital workplace strategy with Melanie Foley, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Trend 3:
Modern technology and citizen development that will drive execution with Gillian McCann, Co-founder and CTO at Workgrid Software

Featured Speakers

Melanie Foley
Executive Vice President, Chief Talent Officer,
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Brett Caldon
CEO and Co-founder,
Workgrid Software
Co-Founder and Head of Engineering & AI,