[Webinar] Experience - The Next Evolution of the Digital Workplace 

A global pandemic has forced business leaders to rethink their digital workplace strategies and embrace a reality that prioritizes experiences over services.  

In this webinar, we'll give you everything you need to know to deliver employee-focused experiences that fuel business success. We’ll dive into the architectural requirements of a modern, extensible digital workplace, offer tips for getting digital transformation right from the very start and discuss which mistakes to avoid and why. 

Attendees will learn:  

  • Key factors to consider when building a digital workplace strategy, such as 

    the importance of decoupled architecture and the need to deliver individualized multi-experiences  

  • What it took for other organizations to successfully deliver modern digital experiences, including why and how they did it and what the ongoing benefits have been

  • How to achieve the organizational change necessary to adopt an experience-focused approach to digital transformation.