How to Modernize Your Intranet and Avoid the Build or Buy Headache

On-Demand Webinar

Build, Buy, or Enhance: Unlocking the Secrets to Intranet Modernization

Employees have always clamored for modern digital experiences that simplify their work day. That need is more acute now than ever. The rise of collaboration and productivity platforms like MS Teams and Slack have created a distracting maze of back and side doors to the digital workplace, and a global pandemic has changed the very nature of work, making it harder than ever for employees to stay engaged and productive. The intranet can be the key to solving these challenges – but only if you know the secrets. 

In this CMSWire webinar, Workgrid’s Head of Product Marketing, Rob Ryan, and Director of Partner Strategy, Frank Pathyil, discuss the challenges of building or buying an intranet. They also share the secret to modernizing the intranet – without excessive cost or hassle – by taking advantage of an underutilized third option, intranet optimization. 

Topics covered include: 

  • What features and functionality to expect from a modern intranet experience 

  • The role integrations can and should play in intranet modernization 

  • How to overlay any existing intranet with the modern features employees want and need 


Rob Ryan
Director, Product Marketing,
Workgrid Software
Frank Pathyil
Director of Strategy & Partnerships,