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Connect your employees with a single app that consolidates everything they need to know and do from across the enterprise. Communicate, train, manage tasks, find information, and streamline work processes with Workgrid's all-in-one employee app.

Announcements, department news, reminders, kudos, and surveys all in one place

From your frontline employees to your hybrid workforce, make sure every employee has what they need to help them feel engaged, valued, and effective. Workgrid's publishing tool makes it easy to deliver a range of engaging communications, alerts, and polls that can be tailored to employees based on their location, language, job function, persona, and more!

  • An intelligent algorithm organizes notifications in order of priority

  • Push notifications increase engagement for time-sensitive alerts

  • Notifications support images, gifs, emojis, hyperlinks, and attachments

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Streamline access to information from business systems

Give employees streamlined access to the information and data they need from your business applications. Workgrid integrates with popular enterprise systems for HR, IT, training, compliance, and finance, abstracting the important tasks, notifications, and information that workers need.

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Make finding information easy

Make information more accessible to employees with a conversational interface that provides round-the-clock, personalized answers to commonly asked questions and even automates tasks, such as submitting IT service tickets.

  • Train the bot with an easy-to-use, no-code editor and see how it performs with robust analytics

  • Customize chatbot responses based on employees location, job function, persona, and more

  • Reduce data silos and provide employees a single source of truth for commonly asked questions

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A single, connected employee experience

Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools
Workgrid integrates with enterprise technology including IT, HR, expense, and ERP tools

Give employees on-the-go to access the tools and information they need without having to log into the source systems.

Why Workgrid for your employees?

Workgrid gives employees a modern, intelligent mobile experience for their most important tasks and information.

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Increase Employees' Efficiency

Ensure employees have timely, accurate tools and information right at their fingertips, so they can do their jobs and execute routine tasks with peak efficiency.

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Improve the Employee Experience

Simplify employees' interactions with workplace technology by consolidating important tasks and information from across the enterprise into a single experience.

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Foster Engagement

Build a positive workplace culture and help employees feel connected with your organization by ensuring they have access to the communications and information that impact them.

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A Flexible, Multi-channel Experience

Guide employees attention, wherever they are and whichever channels they are working in. In addition to being available as a mobile app. Workgrid is also available as a web toolbar or as a Microsoft Teams app.


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