[On-Demand Webinar] Predictions on the Future of Work

What Will the New Decade Bring?

The pace of technology is forever changing the way we work

Being prepared for the “future of work” is no easy task. With new technologies coming out virtually every day that promise to revolutionize the workplace, it’s impossible to know what you should be focusing on.

In this hour-long panel-style discussion hosted by CMSWire and Workgrid, we’ll discuss the big predictions from top digital workplace thought leaders. We’ll share what you need to know to prepare your organization for success in the coming decade.

Featured panelists for this discussion include:

  • Gillian McCann, Head of Cloud Engineering & AI for Workgrid Software

  • Sharon O’Dea, digital workplace and communications consultant

  • Jon Ingham, Human Resources and Organisation Development Consultant

  • Brett Caldon, CEO and Co-founder of Workgrid Software.

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