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Digital Assistant FeaturesBusinessPremiumEnterprise

Smart Notifications- To Knows & To Dos

Unify communications, approvals, and task-oriented notifications from multiple data sources. Number of data sources depends on your plan.

Up to 3 connectorsUp to 5 connectors

Publisher Tool

Send tailored communications to employees delivered via the digital assistant

Survey Tool

Build and distribute surveys delivered via the digital assistant

Chatbot Q&A Builder

No code interface for training your chatbot. The Q&A builder provides an easy-to-use interface for managing the questions your employees can ask and the answers the bot responds with.

Chatbot Analytics


People Finder Basic

Easily search & find coworkers across your organization. Basic leverages profile data from Workgrid with no third-party integration.

People Finder Premium

Easily search & find coworkers across your organization. Premium connects to a third-party data source such as O365 or can leverage SCIM.


My Time Off

Integrate with your time off management system to provide employees quick and easy access to their time off balances.



Provide employees quick access to their payslip information from any device.


Time Planner

Centralized tool for planning and communicating time away from work, events, and other calendaring items while also allowing easier collaboration between employees and work groups in a simple and efficient way.

Task Manager

Easy to use app to create and manage personal and department-level task

Employee Onboarding - Coming Soon!

Workflow management tool to streamline onboarding tasks and notifications for both employees and managers.


Mobile App

Web Tool Bar (integration with intranet)

Integrate the Workgrid Assistant as a toolbar onto any web application, such as your existing intranet platform (e.g. SharePoint).

Desktop Application - Coming Soon!

Security & AuthenticationBusinessPremiumEnterprise

Audit Logs





Okta, etc.


Failover DR



Support & Customer SuccessBusinessPremiumEnterprise

Support Level

OnlinePhone & Email Support 9am-5pm ETPhone & Email Support 24/7

Customer Success

Online ResourcesTeam-basedDedicated Customer Success Rep