Release Notes

  1. January 2021

    New User Role bug fix: This fix resolves the issue where some customers' new users' roles were not saving properly. Now assigning new users' roles will save and work as expected.

    Self-serve profile pictures: Employees can now easily upload their profile photo, which is used in avatars across Workgrid features and apps, to create a more-personalized experience and online community. Find this new functionality in the Settings menu in the Workgrid toolbar or desktop app. It is not yet available in the mobile app.

    Workflows: This exciting new functionality empowers administrators to automate tailored task lists related to practically any people-facing processes and recurring events, such as:
    - Onboarding
    - Offboarding and retirement
    - Return-to-office
    - Daily in-office health verification
    - Objectives and goal setting
    - Performance reviews
    - Training and continuing education
    - Security and compliance check points.

    See Workflows documentation here.

  2. December 2020

    App: Fieldglass: Managers who use Fieldglass to approve contractor timesheets now have a simpler workday: Contractor timesheets can be delivered to managers in To Do notifications, and reviewed and approved at the click of a button. To get started, space admins install the Fieldglass app from the App Catalog.

    App: UKG Ready integration for Payday: We’re expanding our catalog integrations! Now employees at companies with the Kronos payroll system can get a summary of their net pay in the Payday app. When admins install Payday from the App Catalog, they can choose Kronos as the source system.

    App: UKG Ready integration for Time Off: Similarly, employees at companies with the Kronos time management system can find their available time-off hours in the Time Off app.

    App: People Search “Favorites”: Users can now add favorites to the People Search app for quick and easy reference of a person’s contact and organization information.

    Chatbot model improvements: We've upgraded our chatbot natural language processing engine to further improve its ability to accurately respond to user inquiries or offer up to three likely responses if the user message doesn't have a clear answer.

    Tasks: New Tasks functionality makes it easy for employees to stay on top of personal and group projects, and know exactly what needs to be focused on next. This rich feature enables users to:
    - Move tasks easily within lists by dragging and dropping and between lists in the task details.
    - Share lists to create tasks for working groups. There’s no limit on sharing.
    - Assign tasks in shared lists so managers, teams, and working groups can work more efficiently and collaboratively.
    - Assign task priority and due date to help you stay on top of your work. You can also see all tasks assigned to you using the “Assigned to Me” filter.
    - Add notes related to your tasks.
    - Comment on tasks to track progress on your personal tasks and communicate with coworkers within a Shared List.
    - Stay up to date with notifications, which alert you when you have a new shared list or assigned task. Notifications are deleted automatically once the list has been seen.

    See Tasks documentation here.

  3. November 2020

    Test Your Chatbot results filters: Chatbot admins can filter Test Your Chatbot batch results by Q&A author/category to quickly discover intent mismatches and troubleshoot. See documentation here.

    Manager Data Syncing: Workgrid has made a change that allows for the syncing of Manager information when using SCIM provisioning with Microsoft AzureAD. This allows for Manager hierarchy info in apps where applicable; as well as the ability to target Notifications and Surveys by Manager.

  4. October 2020

    Chatbot Q&A audit logs: Chatbot Admins and Content Authors can now see logs relevant to their Q&As from the Chatbot Q&A Builder menu, providing better visibility into maintenance activities. Full features are for go-forward logs only as of mid-August. Learn more here.

    Client notification card sort order: Users can now better customize their experience in the To Know and To Do panels by sorting notifications by newest on top or by our recommended priority algorithm. This will be available across all platforms (toolbar, desktop, mobile).

    Console extended log-in hours: Console power users rejoice–no more losing your draft publisher notifications! Now users will remain logged into the console for eight hours before needing to refresh their login, versus one hour previously.

    Installed Apps search bar: Space Admins can quickly find their installed apps in App Catalog with a conveniently located search bar on their "Installed Apps" page.
    Publisher & Survey batch upload performance improvement: Publisher and survey admins can now easily and reliably batch send a notification to as many as 70,000 users at once using a CSV upload.

    Publisher & Survey rich-text list formatting enhancement: Count on better formatting options now that our rich text editor supports numbered lists in addition to bulleted lists.

    Publisher & Survey notification preview interface improvements

    Survey interface improvements: Survey admins have a better visual experience with the survey results dashboard for large response groups (up to 99,999 users), and survey recipients will have a more seamless interactive experience when using a likert scale.

  5. September 2020

    Assistant UI theme:  The digital assistant will be getting some incremental visual upgrades for a more modern look and feel! This month, we improved the color scheme and shape of buttons throughout the assistant.

    Publisher enhancements: Publisher admins will enjoy a streamlined user experience with improvements including simpler notification source editing, drag-and-drop reordering of attachments, and support for special characters.

    Survey results enhancements: Survey admins formerly had to export survey results to see all responses--now all results and comments are included on the survey dashboard for a quick and easy review of the results. Additionally, dashboard colors and graphics have been improved.

    Time Planner in the app catalog: Time Planner--our flagship calendar app with one place to plan, schedule, and share events and time away--is now available to customers to install from the app catalog.

    Bug fixes for survey, notifications, space members, and user profiles

  6. August 2020

    App Catalog: Customer Space Admins can now easily browse through our Workgrid-developed catalog apps! Click to see app details, and click to install!

    Chatbot Q&A audience targeting improvements: Now content authors can use more-specific audience targeting rules per Q&A response (ex: managers in the UK, excluding office #29), They also no longer have to create a non-targeted response for each Q&A set, so authors can create domain- and function-specific Q&A content.

    App: People Search

    This new app allows users to find people within your organization and view their contact information.

    Asset Management:

    The ability to add attachments/images to notifications via drag/drop and browse capabilities.

  7. July 2020

    App: My Payday: This new app provides employees updated paycheck information every pay period to give them confidence in their finances.

    App: My Time Off: This new app gives employees visibility into their remaining time off balance so they can better manage their time off throughout the year.

    Chatbot Q&A Import/Export: It's easier than ever to add or change many Q&As at once! Drag-and-drop a CSV file to import a series of catalog or custom entries, or export your existing Q&As for file sharing and batch editing.

    Experience improvement: For Web and Desktop users, Managed Apps no longer requires login and keeps details contained in the app instead of launching a new browser window.

    Publisher/Survey: Exclude inactive users

    Miscellaneous bug fixes for the desktop app (beta)

  8. June 2020

    Chatbot analytics enhancement: CSV exports of chat conversations now include their aligned content author role (as applicable). This small enhancement makes a big difference when one administrator is responsible for managing and distributing chat insights.

    Push notifications for mobile and desktop: End users will receive a push notification for all new notifications. The text on the push notification will display both the title and part of the summary to be more informative.

    Space analytics dashboard: Space administrators now have an overview of user activity within a Workgrid space, providing visibility into adoption and usage of the digital assistant and core features. The dashboard can be found in the console's left-side navigation.

    Summary card creation: Removed the limit on the number of characters allowed on the body of the summary card. This will allow for more text on the summary card vs having to go into the detail card to get all information.

    Survey questions: Removed the limit on the number of questions that can be added to a survey sent to users.

  9. April 2020

    Customer onboarding: New customer experience enhancements when setting up users, spaces, etc.

    Desktop app: Added the ability to download the Beta version of the Desktop App from under 'Resources'.

    Manage Apps instructions: We added instructional text to advise users that they can now turn apps on or off via a toggle button; and they can also drag-and-drop apps to reorder them in their preferred order. See screenshot:

    Mobile enhancements: Ability for users that are in more than one space to select the space upon login.

    Notification/Survey console enhancements: Display the actual date (MM/DD/YYYY) on the console for the admins to easily find notifications that were sent. Improve the messaging and user experience when using a .csv file to bulk import a group of uses to send the notification/survey to.

  10. March 2020

    Mobile: Improved the login, performance, and stability of the mobile app.

  11. February 2020

    Chatbot Quick Links Import/Export: It's easier than ever to add or change many Quick Links at once! The feature now supports a drag-and-drop CSV import for adding a series of entries as well as a CSV export for file sharing and batch editing.

    App Store with Audience Targeting: You can now easily install custom apps yourself to Workgrid, as well as target those apps to a particular group(s) of employees.

    Reordering Apps: Users can now drag and drop their Apps to reorder them in the order that they prefer via the Settings menu.

  12. January 2020

    Chatbot Homepage Redesign: New year, new home! Navigate to all chatbot management features from the newly designed, roles-based homepage.

  13. December 2019

    Role-based Chatbot Analytics: Now content authors can view chatbot messages that match their Q&A content using an analytics view just for them! Discover insights, find new Q&As to add and more, without having to sort through other authors' Q&As.

  14. November 2019

    Chatbot Analytics Export: Chatbot Administrators can now export conversation logs in a CSV spreadsheet for easy sorting, filtering, and identifying trends.

    Chatbot Q&A Suggestions: When employees ask the chatbot a question, it will recommend other questions in the same topic of conversation. This feature helps guide the conversation and teaches users about what your bot knows, while still welcoming new natural language questions.

    Chatbot Quick Links: Now offering another lightening-fast path to value through our chatbot! Chatbot Admins and Content Authors can use the Quick Links form to rapidly add web-based resources (like a link to your benefits site) to the chatbot with no code and bare-minimum training required.

    Time Planner: A new calendar app with one place to plan, schedule, and share events and time away. See more details here and watch a demo video here.

  15. October 2019

    Badge Notification Improvements: We've made significant improvements to our badge notification architecture. "Badges" are those little red circles that tell you how many new items you have. We've found that there are sometimes discrepancies in when badges were being delivered and when smart notifications were being delivered. With these new architecture changes, we've fixed all that.

    Chatbot "Learn More": Our chatbot gets the conversation started with its dynamic Learn More feature, which shows employees the breadth of the bot's knowledge and actions. Via suggestion messages and buttons, employees gain immediate value and content authors gain confidence in the discoverability of their conversations. Learn more.

    Connector Log Improvements: Space Administrators now have the ability to filter connector logs by correlation ID and timestamp in the Workgrid Console. These new filtering capabilities make it faster and easier to drill down to specific transactions within the connector's logs.

  16. September 2019

    Chatbot Analytics: Chatbot Administrators can easily view chatbot usage and interactions from our analytics dashboard, featuring easy-to-read metrics, data visualizations, and conversation logs. These insights enable Administrators to optimize the chatbot and understand user behaviors. Learn more.

    Chatbot Q&A: Chatbot Content Authors have a new user experience for training their chatbot to answer commonly asked enterprise questions. They can easily search and add answers to our out-of-the-box catalog questions or create their own custom Q&As. Learn more.

    Chatbot Test: This feature enables Chatbot Content Authors and Administrators to systematically test their bot's knowledge and identify training needs. They can perform one-off exploratory testing or batch test all published Q&As and conversations. They can even create and upload custom natural language tests for rigorous testing. Learn more.

    Connector Logs: Workgrid Console now allows Space Administrators to view log messages for connectors, providing greater visibility into the processing of Cloud Connectors and Custom Connectors leveraging the Jobs API.

  17. August 2019

    Groups: This feature provides Organization Administrators with visibility into the Active Directory groups synced with the console. Through the Users menu, admins can verify the number of Group members and search names to validate who is in a Group, a valuable tool when targeting Groups in Publisher and Survey. Learn more.

  18. July 2019

    (Beta) User Profile Fields: For certain beta customers, from the Workgrid Console, you can now define custom user profile fields which will let your users manage the value of these fields. After these custom fields are defined, your users can edit the field value in Settings -> User Profile. You can then audience target against these custom fields.

  19. May 2019

    New Smart Notifications API: Our new API for managing smart notifications has been released. We aim to provide an improved developer experience, with better performance, and strong validation. Read More.