Remote Work Experience

Engage employees with a simple, streamlined experience that connects them with everything they need to know and do

As employees work hard to balance their rapidly shifting responsibilities, their need for solutions that can help them be effective no matter where they are grows. Organizations can help them be successful by providing modern, intelligent tools that give them flexibility to choose how and when they want to work. Centralized access to everything they need to know and do, from communications and notifications to tasks and information from core systems, is a great start – especially if it’s available via desktop, web app, or mobile. Workgrid can make it happen.

A Connected & Engaged Workforce

Information is the currency of effective remote work. The more organizations can provide employees with targeted, contextual communications and updates, the more connected and engaged their workforce will feel.

Workgrid enables the delivery of personalized information from across the enterprise, all in a centralized and easy-to-consume experience that’s tailored to each employee based on their specific criteria, such as job function, role or office location. Employees can also customize their communication preferences by opting in and out of the topics they’re interested in.

Smart Integrations for Improved Productivity

To be productive on the go, employees need flexible access to key enterprise systems.

Workgrid gives workers easy access to the tools they need by integrating with core HR, IT and Finance systems, abstracting important tasks, notifications and information and presenting it in a central location that’s available via mobile. With the power to work when and where it’s convenient for them, employees can be more productive than ever before.

Self-Service Tasks & Automation

Remote work shouldn’t be less productive work. Organizations can help employees be more effective by making it easier to complete the routine tasks that are related to their jobs. Workgrid’s natural language chatbot can help.

Not only does the chatbot enable knowledge workers to provide automated access to tasks and information, it also makes it easy to submit time off requests, access company benefits, submit IT help desk requests and more –all from any mobile device.

Unified Task Management

The success of any business is highly dependent on the efficiency of it’s workforce. Organizations can supercharge the productivity of employees by giving them easy mobile access to all of their tasks in a central location.

Workgrid’s intelligent technology aggregates everything employees need to take action on from core enterprise systems, making it easy for them to see what needs to be done while also giving managers insights into the status of tasks for their teams.

Purpose-Driven Apps

Wide arrays of disparate apps lead to information overload and a fragmented experience. Workgrid helps simplify the workday for employees by providing out-of-the-box functionality that connects them with the information they actually want to know.

Focused apps that make it easy to find coworkers across the enterprise, provide visibility into time off balances and see payslip details are available from day one, driving immediate improvements in the employee experience and providing quick time-to-value for the business.

Integrations for an Intelligent Employee Experience

Give your employees access to everything they need from an all-in-one unified experience.

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Engage employees with a modern experience that connects them with everything they need to know and do!