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Transform your employee experience with Workgrid!

Workgrid Enterprise Plan

The Workgrid Assistant enterprise plan provides all the benefits and features included in Workgrid's basic and premium package but offers more robust enterprise-level security and authentication options and unlimited access to integrations and micro apps.

With the Workgrid Enterprise Plan, you'll be able to

  • Deliver an intelligent digital employee experience where all communications, notifications, alerts and reminders are delivered on a contextual and personalized basis via a unified experience.

  • Aggregate tasks and streamline approvals from multiple systems, whether it be a company-level or personal task- everything is unified into one view.

  • Publish and distribute tailored communications and surveys to reach and engage with employees across your entire workforce.

  • Deploy a workplace chatbot leveraging our no code interface to provide instant answers to frequent inquiries across multiple departments.

  • Engage employees with easy-to-use micro-apps that highlight personal and company-wide information. The enterprise plan includes People Finder, Time Planner, My Time Off, Payslip, and Task Manager. Plus SDKs are available enabling you to build your own Micro Apps.

  • Create a engaging digital employee experience that your employees will love leveraging best practices and support from a dedicated customer success manager.

*Plans can also be customized to your specific needs. Just ask us for a custom quote.