Smart Notifications

Integrated Employee Experience

Boost productivity and eliminate cognitive overload with a centralized
view of everything employees need to know and do.

Intelligent Activity Stream

Say goodbye to communications, alerts, tasks, and notifications spread across dozens of disparate systems and say hello to your personal command center. With smart notifications, everything is aggregated together into a single, streamlined experience so you can get more work done faster.

Higher Visibility for Important Communications

Email is often the nemesis of productivity. Smart notifications solve that by elevating system messages and corporate communications outside of email, ensuring employees never miss important updates. Communications are also tailored to each employees’ specific circumstances, ensuring that they only receive the information they need, without any distractions.

Smart, Personalized & Contextual Focus on What Matters Most

Because smart notifications are tailored to each employee based on their context, including where they work, their preferences, and other target-able attributes, employees only get notifications that are important to them and that make it easier to do their job.

Employees also don’t have to waste time and energy sifting through old information. Smart algorithms ensure that only the most relevant and timely notifications are at the top, deleting them when they’re no longer relevant, so employees can focus on what matters most.

Approvals on the Go

The Workgrid Assistant makes it possible to approve, request and respond to actions from across multiple systems, all with just a simple click!

No more putting off HR transactions, expense approvals or purchase orders to avoid dealing with complex enterprise systems. Everything employees need to know and take action on is included in one easy-to-use dashboard. Everything is ready to be processed with the click of a button, so employees may never need to log in to those back-end systems again!

Simplified Workflows and Task Management

Bridge the gap between the typical workplace experience and the consumer standard that employees have become accustomed to.

It no longer has to take four different systems for a new hire to get up and running (IT for a laptop, security for a badge, benefits through HR, and direct deposit set up through finance). The Workgrid Assistant transforms those scattered transactions into streamlined workflows, so employees can immediately get started on the high-value work they were hired to do.

Use Cases

From tasks and communications to real-time alerts, Smart Notifications ensure you’re always in the know and on top of your to-dos.

Personalized Communications

Office closure or system outage? Quickly inform affected employees with tailored communications so they always have the information they need, no matter where they are.

Training Recommendations

Send employees alerts for required trainings or learning modules based on their role or training history.

Employee Recognition

Create a distinctive way to give social kudos to staff and recognize employees for a job well-done.


Make sure important reminders are seen. From benefit reminders to nudges about daily tasks, employees will never miss a beat.


Quickly take action on all approvals, from HR transactions to expense management.

Employee Onboarding

Simplify the employee onboarding workflow by creating a centralized location to handle important tasks, streamlining and improving the experience for both new employees and managers.

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